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up to 40% off shutters for our summer sale
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We’re firm believers in fair pricing. We’ll beat any like-for-like quote and throw in a 10-year no quibble warranty plus free installation.

Bespoke Window Shutters in Surrey

As one of the most established names in the business, Riverside Shutters have been supplying and fitting window shutters in Surrey for over ten years, from as far south as Haslemere, up to Elmbridge in the north of the county.

Throughout the last decade we have a earned solid reputation across the entire region and many of its surrounding areas.

Plantation shutters not only add security and privacy to your home, but they also add ‘kerb appeal’. It is a well-known fact that simply by adding interior wooden window shutters to your property not only increases the visual appeal, but it also adds to the market value.

Some of the most popular locations in Surrey where we have fitted our premium quality window shutters include Guildford, Woking, Carlshalton and Staines-Upon-Thames. We have also supplied and installed bespoke shutter products in areas such as Tandridge, Effingham and Copthorne.

Our Plantation shutters are made to measure and will fit windows of all shapes and sizes. If you are thinking of adding an extra sense of style and elegance to your home and you live just outside the Surrey area, then you will be glad to know that our services extend throughout the whole of London and beyond, including the home counties.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of surveyors, fitters and sales advisors are the best in the business and our reputation for delivering a quality service that leaves customers feeling happy and proud with our products has been mentioned numerous times on our feedback page at Checkatrade.

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Professionally Installed Window Shutters and Awnings

Riverside Shutters is not your average shutter company. We find solutions to everyday problems through specialist window shutters and blinds. Perhaps you’re in need of a good night’s sleep or seclusion from a nosy neighbour. Your property requires robust security, or an added layer of insulation.

Our bespoke blackout and security shutters promise improved sleep, 24-7 protection and a comfortable indoor climate, year-round. Enhancing not only how your property looks, but how it feels.

Enviable kerb appeal and privacy come as standard.

Our Ranges

Why use Plantation Shutters in Surrey?

Improve energy efficiency, keep the heat in and your fuel expenses down, minimise noise, and have exact light and privacy control.

Keep rooms cool by reflecting heat outdoors, reducing dependency on fans or air conditioning for cheaper fuel expenditures, noise reduction, precise light and privacy control

Integrated Blackout Blinds – A darker than dark room

Our integrated blackout blinds, which are available as an optional addition on all shutter varieties, ensure restful sleep at any time of day or night. Forget about those unsightly plastic blackout shades. This is the next generation of fashionable bedroom gloom. The blinds, which are cleverly incorporated between the window and shutter, provide darker-than-dark blackout and a blissful night’s sleep for the entire family.

Home Security Shutters – Keeping you and your family safe

Your house is your most valuable possession, and it must be safeguarded.

Nobody wants to spend their nights or holidays worried about break-ins.

Our cutting-edge home security shutters are a clever combination of design and security for your windows. Designed to appear like classic plantation shutters, but built with corrosion-resistant aluminium and a proprietary double lock-and-key system.

Awnings – Don’t let the English weather ruin your fun

Look no farther than our retractable awnings for plenty of outdoor shade and protection. They are a fashionable and useful solution to outdoor locations and spaces that are custom produced in the UK for household and business premises.

Our BAT patented awnings are the best in the market, and are available in a variety of weather-proof fabrics, colours, widths, and projections. Your awning will be ready to use in a blink of an eye, as it comes completely assembled and ready to install.

Lancaster MDF Shutters – Stylish window shutters at a great price

Our Lancaster shutters are our most popular selection because they are both stylish and affordable.

Sleek, smooth plantation shutters that look the part without breaking the bank; they’re the ideal combination of design, function, and incredible value.

Memphis Paulownia Shutters – Perfect for your feature window

Designed for windows that are larger than life.

They’re perfect for feature windows, bi-fold doors, and orangeries because they’re lightweight and easy to operate. They’re also created using high-quality, environmentally sustainable materials.

Wellington Shutters – Premium robust basswood

They are heavier and more durable than our normal ranges, making them the ideal shutter solution for big floor-to-ceiling or tracker shutter applications that require constant movement and toughness.

Stirling Shutters – Made from quality american white teak

Expertly crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced American white teak and can be intelligently tailored to fit any décor and window type. Do you want a simple, uncomplicated appearance? A modern finishing touch is provided by our optional concealed hinge. Work completed.

Aqua Shutters – Waterproofing your bathroom

Let’s face it: wood and water don’t get along.

Unlike other shutters, which should be avoided in humid places, our Aqua shutters are ideal for steamy bathrooms, damp rooms, and kitchens. They look virtually comparable to classic plantation shutters and are 100% water resistant thanks to the use of cutting-edge ABS (acrylonile butadiene styrene). A fashionable and water-resistant window treatment in one, a perfect solution for your bathroom windows in surrey.

Shutters for Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, and More

Our plantation shutters will look insanely stylish in any room. But, it’s not all about the looks. Our shutter ranges are designed with impeccable form and function too.  No two are the same but each has been made to help overcome everyday issues in the home. You tell us your pain points and we’ll find a solution.

Take a peek at some of the most popular uses for our window and door shutters.

Bedroom shutters – Giving you the lie in you deserve

Our shutters are an excellent choice for bedrooms, allowing you complete control over light at all times of day and night. They’re also wonderful for privacy. Dress in daylight while maintaining your dignity.

Our integrated blackout blinds are a brilliant optional feature to make your bedroom darker than dark. Providing you with a ready-made lie in.

Kitchen Shutters – Keep your kitchen safe and clean

Shutters are a convenient and secure option for kitchen windows and glass doors. They not only appear clean, but they also remain clean. You’ll also be able to prepare your morning coffee with passers-by peering in.

Our shutters may also be customised to fit most types of kitchen doors. Bi-folds. French. Sliding. The shutters are custom manufactured with a unique track system and may fold back completely or glide open to fit your door design.

Bathroom Shutters – A total privacy solution

When it comes to privacy, our Aqua bathroom shutters do the trick, giving in plenty of light while keeping prying eyes at bay. They’re also designed to resist all moisture, which is essential in a steamy bathroom.

Lounge Shutters – Wow your guests

Our plantation shutters are intended to enrich the interior of your house while also providing increased privacy and insulation. Furthermore, shutter types, colours, and materials in the living room (and other lounging spaces) are virtually unlimited.

Bi-Fold Door Shutters – Not just for windows!

Our plantation shutters aren’t only for windows; we can also provide and install them on patio doors.

We’re confident you’ll still want easy access to your garden, so our lightweight Memphis line is ideal. Our smartly designed track system allows you to slide or bi-fold your shutters back anytime you want for huge doors. Strong and intelligent, yet light on the feet. Because there is less weight to move with narrow doors, there is a greater variety of materials available.

Bespoke Shutters – Made to fit any size or shape

Bespoke windows and doors are beautiful architectural aspects for your house, but they may be difficult to dress. Our made-to-measure shutters are custom-designed and produced to fit your space’s size, shape, material, and colour. Give us a unique window and we’ll dress it up with a fashionable, snug-fitting shutter.

Visit our showroom

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