up to 40% off shutters for our summer sale
up to 40% off shutters for our summer sale

You’ve got the Super King bed, the Siberian goose-down pillows and the scented eye mask, yet you’re not sleeping well.

We hear you. Our integrated blackout blinds, available as an optional extra on all shutter ranges, promise quality shut-eye any time of day or night. Forget ugly, plastic blackout blinds. This is the new generation of stylish darkness for your bedroom. Cleverly integrated between the window and shutter, the blinds deliver darker-than-dark blackout and a heavenly night’s sleep for the whole family. We’re biased but we think they’re genius.

Configurations: Available on all Hardwood and MDF shutter ranges.
Material: Honeycomb insulated thermal blackout blinds.
Warranty: Our shutters come with a 10-year guarantee for total peace of mind.

Bedroom Blackout Shutters

Key features of our integrated blackout blinds

  • Available on all Hardwood and MDF ranges
  • Stylish shutters with built-in room-darkening blinds
  • Up to 99% room darkness
  • 15 colour options to complement your house
  • Colour that is neutral while facing the street
  • Lightweight Single honeycomb cell architecture

Shutters built to order
Shutters built to order and professionally installed to fit your windows, to compliment your home and style.

Complete light control
Tilt the shutter panels to adjust the amount of light and to block UV rays that may degrade furnishings.

Rest comfortably!
Room darkening shutters include an integrated shade that provides 99% darkness and, ideally, a good night’s sleep.

The ultimate in home cinema
To provide the perfect home theatre experience, room darkening shutters are great for shutting out light from windows.


Frequently asked questions

Is there such a thing as blackout shutters?
Yes, blackout shutters are a type of window covering that completely blocks out light. These shutters are typically made of materials that block light from passing through, resulting in complete darkness in a room. They are commonly used in bedrooms, home theatres, and other areas where complete darkness is desired, such as for improved sleep or to improve the viewing experience of films and presentations.

Do shutters block out all the light?
While shutters, especially those designed as blackout shutters, are crafted to significantly reduce light infiltration, achieving complete darkness can be influenced by factors such as the precision of installation, potential gaps around the edges or between panels, and the quality of materials used. Some shutters come with features like side channels or overlapping panels to minimise light gaps. However, to ensure maximum light blockage, combining blackout shutters with other light-blocking elements, such as curtains or integrated blackout blinds, is advisable, as it creates an additional layer of coverage and helps tailor the solution to specific light control needs.

Are black shutters a good idea?
Yes, black shutters can be a stylish and versatile choice for various home designs. Black shutters can add a bold and sophisticated contrast to light-coloured exteriors, creating a striking visual impact. They can enhance curb appeal and provide a timeless, classic look to a home. Additionally, black shutters often complement a range of architectural styles, from traditional to modern. However, the suitability of black shutters depends on factors such as the overall colour scheme of the house and personal preferences. It’s essential to consider the aesthetics of the entire facade and potentially consult with a design professional to ensure that black shutters harmonize well with the overall exterior appearance.

Can shutters be room darkening?
Yes, shutters can be designed to be room-darkening or even blackout, effectively blocking out a significant amount of light. These shutters are constructed using materials that prevent light from passing through, and some may come with features like side channels, overlapping panels, or light-blocking elements to minimise gaps and enhance light control. Room darkening shutters are particularly beneficial in spaces like bedrooms, home theatres, or any area where controlling the amount of natural light is important, such as for improved sleep or enhanced audio-visual experiences. It’s crucial to choose shutters specifically labelled as room darkening or blackout, as not all shutters provide the same level of light control, and consulting with a professional can help determine the best options for specific light-blocking needs.

Does your little one wake up before 6:00?
Many of us have or will experience wake-ups from our children before 6:00, which is commonly called early rising or, as some would say “5 a.m. club”. The reasons for this could be any of the following:

  • The level of darkness in the room
  • General sleep environment
  • Lack of daytime sleep
  • How long has your child been awake in between sleeps?

Darkening a room is something we can control if we have the right room set up. Many families say the room is dark, but I always ask, “Is it dark enough where you cannot see your hand?” and the majority of the time, the answer is no.

Shutters with complete blackout blinds are a brilliant way to ensure your room is suitably dark at bedtime and throughout the night, helping contribute to that all-important melatonin development. Blackout shutters paired with integrated blinds provide the convenience of delivering total blackout at any time of day or night.

Your brain releases the hormone melatonin in reaction to darkness. It aids in sleep as well as the timing of your circadian rhythms (24-hour internal clock). Being exposed to light at night can block melatonin production and cause early rise, especially if the sleep pressure is low at early hours in the morning. Daylight, even from the edges of the window, could be the cause of wake-ups, as it effects melatonin production, which causes our little ones to wake up fully and be up for the day. This is where plantation shutters with blackout blinds can be advantageous.

While conventional window coverings offer a good deal of protection from exterior light, most blinds, curtains, and shutters are limited in their effectiveness. Total blackout shutters (which combine blackout-fitted blinds behind shutters) are specifically designed to block exterior light with flawless precision.

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