After care

After care

The main advantage of our bespoke window and door shutters is that not only will they look great in whichever room or part of the home they are fitted, but they are also highly functional and effortlessly quick and simple to look after.  Once a door or window Shutter has been fitted by a member of our highly qualified and fully experienced shutter fitters, they will provide years of trouble free usage without you ever having to break a sweat to look after them or keep them clean and flawlessly operational.

Here is a brief, step-by-step guide on how to look after your bespoke plantation shutters whilst keeping them free of dirt and prolonging their already extensive lifespan.

Looking After Your Plantation Shutters – Step By Step Instructions

  1. Regardless of whether your chosen plantation shutter is constructed from real wood, or made from a different material such as MDF or a high-performance alternative material, a feather duster made from ostrich feathers or lambs’ wool will easily help to remove any lightweight debris. The beauty of using natural feather dusting materials such as these is that they won’t scratch the surface of the shutters.  You can follow on from this cleaning step by wiping any additional stains with a slightly dampened cloth.
  2. Use a Hoover or vacuum cleaner to pick up any dust or dirt that has fallen down from the shutters during the dusting process.
  3. A clean but dry cloth can also be used to clean the individual components of your blind, but this should be done using a gentle motion and never use a cleaning product that might damage the paint on the blinds or their protective finish.
  4. Any liquids or appropriate cleaning fluids used whilst cleaning the wooden shutters on your window or door should be removed immediately afterwards using a dry cloth.  If any liquid stains or residue are left behind on the shutters and not removed straight away they may prove to be difficult or highly bothersome to remove later on, so try to act quickly to prevent any long term cleaning problems from occurring.

A Final Word on Keeping Your Plantation Shutters Clean and Fully Functional

Last but not least, if you need any additional advice on cleaning and looking after your bespoke window or door shutters then you can always call a member of our sales team or consult the instruction leaflet and any further accompanying literature provided with your bespoke product.

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