Environmentally Conscious

Riverside is proud of the fact that all our plantation shutters are made using sustainable timber. In today’s harsh and many times critical eco-climate, it is best for all of us to try and play a part in preserving the eco-system as best we can for future generations.

This care and concern for our environment is passed on through our entire manufacturing process bringing you wooden shutters that not only look great, but have come from a sustainable source.

Recycle and Renew

Whilst using almost every part of the timber possible, our manufacturing plant disposes of all its waste materials through a process of internal furnaces, which is fed straight into local power grids, therefore keeping its power demands internal, self-reliant and eliminating air pollution.

Over 1 million acres of new forest have been planted this year alone. This continual re-generation and growth will guarantee our commitment of manufacturing eco-friendly window shutters for all our customers for years to come.

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