up to 40% off shutters for our summer sale
up to 40% off shutters for our summer sale

Feeling a French vibe?

Our café style shutters bring a touch of Parisian finesse to your home without covering the full length of your windows. You’ll benefit from better security and privacy on the bottom half of your windows, while letting maximum light in through the top half. As an added perk, smaller shutters means a smaller price tag.

Cafe Shutters
Yellow Cafe Style Shutters

Café style shutters are very versatile and available in a wide choice of colours and materials. Our team will guide you on the right proportions, size and colour for your window type and design shutters that give a flawless finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are café-style shutters?
Imagine full-length shutters taking a coffee break! Café-style shutters cover the lower half of your window, leaving the top open. Think chic café windows with charming Parisian vibes, translated for your own home.

Q: What are the benefits of café-style shutters?
These beauties offer a bounty of perks:

  • Privacy, please! Keep nosy neighbours and busy streets at bay while still enjoying natural light. Perfect for ground-floor windows and bedrooms.
  • Light and breezy balance: Let sunshine stream in above while maintaining lower-half privacy. Tilt the louvres to catch a refreshing breeze without compromising security.
  • Curb appeal charmer: Add a touch of timeless elegance to your home’s exterior. They’re like a stylish little dress adorning your windows.
  • Dual duty delights: Pair them with curtains for added warmth and texture, or let them shine solo for a clean, contemporary look.
  • Low-maintenance marvels: Easy to clean and built to last, they’re the low-effort heroes of window treatments.

Q: How do café-style shutters work?
Similar to their full-length cousins, they operate with adjustable louvres that tilt to control light and airflow. But with café style, you simply open and close the single panel covering the lower half of the window.

Q: Why choose café-style shutters?
If you’re seeking:

  • Privacy without sacrificing light
  • A touch of European charm
  • Easy ventilation and low maintenance
  • Versatility to pair with other window treatments

Then café-style shutters might just be your perfect match! They bring light, privacy, and a dash of continental flair to your home, making them a delightful addition to any window.

Bonus Tip: Consider the height of your windows. Café-style shutters work best on standard or larger windows, allowing enough space for the upper portion to stay open and showcase the view.

So, open your windows to the possibilities of café-style shutters and enjoy the light, the privacy, and the undeniable charm they bring!

Read More About Café Style Shutters

Café style shutters are a popular choice for classical and contemporary homes alike, available in a wide variety of materials and finishes to suit all tastes and preferences. At Riverside Shutters, we’re proud to offer the UK’s most dynamic collection of quality window shutters, all made to measure and installed by our own team of skilled fitters.
Browse online, or call anytime to discuss our bespoke café shutters in more detail.


Café style shutters take their name from the immense popularity in hospitality environments, wherein a certain amount of privacy is required though not at the expense of natural light. Café style shutters are characterised by bespoke panels that cover the lower portion of the window or door, while leaving the top section uncovered.

This differs from full height shutters and tier on tier shutters, which cover the vertical length of the window or door in its entirety.

Shutters in Cafe style are often made to cover 50% of the window or door’s vertical length, but it is also possible to install bespoke shutters that cover say 30% or 60% of the opening. One of the most versatile types of shutters available, café style shutters look elegant and sophisticated in all types of classical and contemporary properties.


One of the biggest benefits of café style plantation shutters is the limitless scope for customisation, ensuring just the right proportion of the window is covered to suit your tastes and preferences. In addition, leaving the top section of the window or door uncovered brings the benefit of unobstructed light, keeping your interiors flooded with natural light throughout the day.

The additional privacy café shutters can provide also makes a welcome addition to all types of interior spaces. Again, a design feature of café style shutters that can be customised to suit your exact requirements. As an added bonus, café style shutters can also bring the sophistication and elegance of quality shutters into the home at a lower price, due to their smaller size and relatively simple design.


Contrary to popular belief, café style shutters are ideal for all rooms of the home, including those on upper floors. Make a statement with something bold and colourful, or choose something more refined and understated for seamless integration into your home.

Made to measure from scratch for a flawless fit, our café style shutters are available in an extensive range of materials, colours and finishes to suit all preferences. Whether you are ready to go ahead or simply considering an interior makeover, we’d be delighted to provide you with a free design consultation to discuss the available options.

For more information or to discuss the benefits of café style shutters in more detail, contact a member of the team at Riverside Shutters today.

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