Roller Security Shutters

The Riverside security shutter is more than just a crime barrier. It also protects against weather, light and noise, shutting out the world, with the push of a button.

  • Double glazed security lath, with security in its DNA, and insulative properties in its design.
  • Custom manufactured – perfect fit every time.
  • Seamless, effortless operation – Stylishly secure.
  • Custom manufactured for various applications including garage doors, passageways, warehouses, factories, and shop or storefronts
  • Space-saving solution for both commercial and residential properties.
  • There is an extensive selection of standard and customized colours available.
  • Automated and CE marked


Its Bold, Its Visible and it is Effective.

  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom



Aluminium Security Shutter GuaranteeGarage doorRoller Shutter
Installed inside-10 years
Installed outside5 years5 years


On the Security Lath:

The security lath uses 100% more aluminium than its foam filled counterpart.

A foam filled lath:

The foam filled lath is manufactured from 0.6mm flat aluminium coil, roll formed into a lath, with polyurethane foam inserted during the roll forming process. In addition to the insulation properties of the foam, the foam core also needs to act as structural support to the aluminium outer skin.

The Riverside Security Shutter Lath:

The double wall aluminium security lath is extruded, and not roll formed. Extruded, using aircraft grade aluminium, with a 1mm outer skin. The lath is internally ribbed for additional strength and offers structure to the design, resulting in substantial resistance to perpendicular forces.

When compressed, the latch offers in excess of 2mm aluminium between the protected and unprotected side, double that of its foam insulated counterpart.

With its double glazed design, the air inside the cavity wall, acts as a non-conductor of heat, from the inner leaf to the interna face of the exterior leaf. Thus the cavity assists in maintaining the thermal insulation of a premise.

With the substantial increase in all thickness and the double glazed design of the Security Lath, the thermal properties are only marginally less, if at all, than its foam filled counterpart. The additional strength in the lath design, however far outweighs the marginal thermal gains of a foam filled lath.

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