For those of you wishing to find-out a little bit more of how we work, here’s a list of questions that come-up frequently…

What do you mean by Solid Window Shutters?
Solid Window Shutters are the type that have NO Louvers. This means that they have a solid panel in place of the louvers. This can sometimes be confused with the material i.e. Wood products and not MDF.

Why are they called Plantation Window Shutters?
The name Plantation Shutters originated some time ago in the West Indies and some of the America’s. This is typically the style of shutters, which were originally installed on the exterior of the property. In recent years, the design has been incorporated to an interior furnishing.

Do Riverside Shutters offer Survey and Fitting services?
Yes, Riverside Shutters offer the complete range of services: from handling the initial enquiry, where we will visit you in your home, through to the installation process, where we use our own highly skilled and professional Shutter Fitters.

Can I measure the windows myself?
The measurement process for a single square window is relatively simple. But when you get to the angles incorporated into a typical Bay Window, this requires our highly skilled surveyors. In order to get an initial cost, you can measure your window (in total) and after we have ascertained weather you have certain things like UPVC or special angled bay posts, then we will be able to give you an accurate supply/fit price for your window shutters. Fill-in the call-back and we’ll call you within the hour, or use our quick quote system to get a quick price via email.

Can I/we fit the shutters ourselves?
Unless you posses expert DIY skills, we would not recommend attempting to fit your shutters yourself. Some shutters are easier to fit, such as a square single/dual panel configuration that has no angles. But even then, as mentioned in other pages, your window is likely to be ‘out’ of alignment and therefore requires skills to align and fix correctly.

We are also unable to offer our FIVE year warranty with DIY fittings, as we cannot be responsible for problems that may occur during this process. We always include our fitting fee in the prices we quote, so in the grand scheme of things, it’s better to let the professionals fit your shutters. That is not to say that your shutters will still be covered for warping or any failure of the product.

Can you fit shutters to any window?
Yes, we can fit shutters to ALL window types. If you look through our Gallery, you’ll see we have fitted to all shapes, sizes and styles. As well as windows, we fit shutters to doors, including top-tracking systems and even full circles. This is again, an area where our specialist surveyor will see points that you may miss, like which way windows open and clearances for panels etc. We can even fit to the ‘front’ of secondary glazing units!

Do I need to check for anything before having my survey?
In the majority of cases, there will be no need for checking. But in the case where you’re having your windows refurbished, we would prefer to wait until this has been completed. This especially applies to bath or wet-rooms, where tiling will affect the width or height. simple decoration/painting is not a problem.

My window isn’t completely square, is this a problem?
No, we are able to make adjustments in our survey to allow for your windows alignment. This means that when we fit your shutters, they will be absolutely square. Any gapping that is as a result of the oddness will be filled using Trade Caulk, which will match the colour and be invisible. We always fill gapping.

Are there a determined number of panels needed for my windows?
The number of panels will be determined by A. what your preferences are for light and privacy and B. The limitations we have. There are certain rules we have to stick to, like the maximum panel width, but this is always determined on-site and we will always endeavour to match your existing window configuration, maintaining an aesthetic balance.

Is there a maximum and minimum width for my shutters?
This is something we discuss with you on site. This mainly depends on the material you’re choosing for your Window Shutters. Using an MDF product will mean that we are restricted to panels around 700mm, which is very big when you consider. So if you have a five-part bow-bay for instance, then five single panels will look a lot better than double panels, which will make the window look very ‘busy’ and restrictive. Our surveyor will take you through this process and help determine what works best for your window/s

What is the delivery time?
Once we’ve processed your order, your shutters will take in the region of 14 to 16 weeks. Our delivery program fluctuates depending on the time of year: during the Winter months, we allow for the full shipment time due to weather condition into and out of port. We’ll do our very best to get your shutters in by the deadlines we and you have set.

Do you take Credit Card payments?
We are fully compliant with Barclays Merchant Services and can fulfil your payment via a number of methods including all major Credit Cards (including AMEX). This is a safe and secure payment as is our online payment system. Alternatively you can pay
by cheque or pay directly over your bank counter. The choice is your, and we’ll be happy to help.

Is the price more expensive than Curtains?
Many customers are shocked by the price comparison of Shutters V’s High-end tailored curtains. In many cases, the Shutters come-in cheaper. As well as this, the maintenance and feature of Shutters far outweighs the value of curtains, which collect dust and only give you privacy at night. Window Shutters enhance the visual impact of your property too. In some cases, customers choose to have cafe style shutters with curtains for night. This maintains privacy and security at all times.

Do shutters shut-out noise and cold?
It is proven that a full-height window shutter arrangement will reduce noise to a certain degree, but not anything like a good secondary glazing unit. But Shutter’s aren’t made or fitted for that purpose. It’s also proven that Shutters will keep warmth in the room during the Winter months, especially when there is no double glazing panels. But we would not recommend using window shutters for either of these issues.

How many Louver choices do I have?
We have three ‘main’ louver sizes that are most popular in the ranges. The 47mm louver is popular in cottages or small windows and it really is a personal choice.

Unfortunately the 47mm louver is not available with our Hidden Tilt-rod system due to the area needed inside the panel stiles.

The 63 and 89mm louvers are the most popular choices.

The 63mm louver can be seen in many of the Gallery images as can the 89mm louver. This choice is really down to the customer’s preferences but the size of the louver can sometimes be determined by the size of the window/door opening. Personally, we prefer a larger louver in large, high openings; take a look at our gallery to get a clearer picture.

Do you use ‘eco friendly’ materials?
Yes. Our Cedar wood shutter is made from a Western Red Cedar and is very durable. My Cedar Wood products are sourced from Cedar Wood Associations, mostly in Canada.
The Memphis rage uses laminated construction techniques and other techniques to make it very light. This timer is sourced mainly from China, where the sub-tropic tree grows to maturity in around fifteen years.

The Lancaster Window Shutter is made from a Veneered Lumber, which uses a mixture of timber fibres glued to form the panelling, which is then engineered to perfect tolerances. We use a complete Polymer coating, which is a safe product.

Will my shutters warp or fade?
Your Shutters come with a FIVE YEAR no quibble parts and labour warranty. My company has been in existence since 2001, and in all that time, I have not yet once had a Warranty claim for warping. Come to think of it, I’ve not had a warranty claim for ANY defect, other than the odd louver chewed by the dog or ripped-off from a wannabe aviator kid! This service is completely free of charge when replacing louvers for your shutters. They cost me nothing and I’m always in the London/Home-counties, so it’s a simple fix.
If there are any defects noticed on fitting your shutters, we will replace that panel/frame FOC and will not collect your balance payment until the replacement panel is fitted. This is very rare, but our Shutter Fitters are such perfectionists, that this is always part of our procedure.
So no, your shutters will not ‘warp’, this is somewhat becoming an ‘old wives tale’ and is probably limited to the curtain sales sector!

What colours can I choose for my Shutters?
In all our shutter range, we have four standard white options: Silk White, Pearl, Bisque and Creamy. Most people choose Silk White option as this adds contrast, brightness and will match with furnishings and decor. Choosing any other white finish like Pearl or a Cream will dictate your furnishings and wall colourings. But this really is a personal choice and one which I only ‘advise’ on.
We also have an extensive range of Stained options, which can be seen on the Memphis page. The Stirling range also offers the ELEVEN ranges of finishes from Farrow & Ball, just ask us about this option.
We also offer a Custom Colour option, which carries a single surcharge and is not increased on volume – if you have your whole property fitted with shutters, there’s just the one charge. Ask us for our current Custom Colour charge.

Are shutters easy to maintain?
Yes, a simple ‘careful’ brush-over with the fluffy end of the hoover will clear your shutters of dust. But I only have to dust my shutters a few times a year as it’s not visible, and I’m house proud!
The MDF Lancaster Window Shutters are particularly popular with families with kids as they are completely wipe-clean. A simple wipe-down with a Jay-Cloth and that Ketchup is gone!

Do I need to do any maintenance?
No, our Shutter Fitters are highly skilled and your shutters will never ‘drop’ or ‘sag’ due to our strong fixing techniques. The Hinges are strong and the product is very durable. The only thing that could happen is the louvers loosening-up. This is VERY rare and again, is checked by the fitter on site. There is a small tensioning screw half-way up on each side of the panel. This can be used with a Phillips screw driver to tighten or wind-out for slackening the louvers. Again, a very rare occurrence, but if you have any issues, we’re always here to help – unlike some companies who don’t take pride in the after-sales service. But that’s why we get so much referral and repeat business.

Why choose shutters over Curtains?
This is a common question. There are a number of benefits to shutters. I’ll outline these, and you can gauge whether the same applies to Curtains…
Shutters offer great looks day and night, both from the inside and out. Curtains are drawn at night with blank linings or open during the day, exposing the room and it’s contents.
Shutters offer Security while you’re out during the day or on holiday. Drawing your curtains during the day, or for extensive periods ‘invites’ prying eyes from the unwanted parts of our society. But when you have shutters, just ‘crank’ your louvers at an upward angle so you can still see in – but only the ceiling! Leaving your home looking ‘live’ but safe at ALL times. If you have tier-on tier, you can open the top panels during the day but maintain privacy and security – again, curtains are either ‘open’ or ‘closed’.
Shutters offer better heat retention during the winter as most curtains ‘cover’ radiators, sending the heat ‘behind’ the material! Shutters give a cosy and warm feeling both during the winter and ‘fresh & cool’ during the hot summer.
If you have a South facing room, sunlight on furniture, and on the TV can be a real issue. Your shutter louvers can be rotated to direct the sunlight away from the furniture whilst maintaining a bright, white and clean look to the room. Curtains have to be drawn to block-out harsh sunlight – very unsightly.
Curtains harbour dust particles and in some instances, mites and insects. Your shutters stay clean and fresh, year after year.

Do I need to know any special descriptions?
Not really, our knowledgeable Salesman will help you through all the stages: describing all the different options, whilst not baffling you with science!
But if you have friends with shutters, they may have specific configurations, so here a couple of ‘technical’ words to describe your shutters….

Cafe style, Full-height or Tier-on Tier?
Cafe height shutters go up to the halfway point of your window. Or in some cases, up to three-quarters, depending on the type of window. But if you can imagine a Victorian Sash, the cafe height will always be at the ‘split’ point of the window. This still offers privacy and security, with some customers using curtains above them at night. See an example here.
The full height panel is a single panel from top to bottom. The Tier-on-Tier option means you can fold-back the top tier panels separately to the bottom ones.Mid Rail
A full-height panel may need, or look better with a Mid-Rail. This is a solid separating rail that runs through the panel(s) and split the Louvers into two separate segments; an upper and lower.
The Tilt-Rod is the ‘stick’ that controls the movement of the Louvers: up or down, right through 90 degrees. They also ‘sit’ in a neat little recessed ‘mouse hole’ for when they’re completely closed-up at night.
We also have a ‘Hidden tilt-rod’option, which carries a surcharge but many customers prefer to pay this small charge for a completely invisible mechanism. You just use your hand to move one louver – and the rest open with it.

Shutter Jargon

The left and right vertical parts of a shutter panel. They house the nylon bushing the louver rotates on as well as strengthening strips inside for maximum strength and anti-warping.

The top and bottom horizontal pieces of the panels.

Mid Rails
Mid Rails provide additional strength to the shutter panel and are generally used for Full-Height panels. They also allow separate operation of the top and bottom section of above & below the mid-rail. These are placed where your windows break i.e. in a sliding sash window.

Shutters offer choices of 47mm, 64mm, 89mm and 114mm Louver sizes. The louvers rotate on a nylon pin in a nylon bush and are connected to a control rod by staples.

Co-ordinates the rotation of louvers for light, privacy and ventilation. The tilt rod is mounted on the centre of the louver on the face of the panel. For 3 panels across or more from one hinge point we offset these by 5mm so they don’t hit each other when open. We also offer a hidden tilt-rod.

Café style
The shutters cover the bottom section of the window, creating privacy at the lower level whilst permitting full daylight to enter through the top.

Full Height
The shutter covers the window full-height within the opening. Where the panel height exceeds 100mm in height a dividing rail will be added. This allows moveable louvre sections above and below the dividing rail, which can work independent of each other.

Tier on Tier
This option allows the top or lower tier to swing open independent of the bottom tier offering the most versatile shutter solution.

Shutter Styles