At Riverside Shutters, we visit you in the comfort of your own home. Our Surveyors are fully competent in the art of measuring for Window Shutters and we always double-check our measurements and angles before completion.

In some cases, our customers measurements have been known to be very accurate and therefore the initial quote is good. In other instances, our measurements may come-in less than your measurements, in which case we will offer that discount back to you.

Our Surveyor will guide you when choosing your Shutters

The Shutter Survey is carried out and measurements taken for whatever style of Plantation Shutters you may choose: whether MDF Shutters or Cedarwood Shutters, our surveyor will measure all points to fix the frames too. This includes the small measurements that you may miss-out. This can at times be a critical measurement, which is why we always carry-out the accurate survey. There are many instances, particularly in older properties, where the wooden sill have ‘drooped’ or the architrave has moved over years. We will have to allow for these uneven parts of the window when measuring as this will effect how we fit your Window or Door Shutters.

The survey is a critical part of the process. We MUST fix your frames straight and level, which will mean level panels, which will close snug and not catch. Although there are instances where the lower panels may catch due to a window reveal or framework that’s very out of level.

There are instances where you may have a TV or BT point that’s fixed to your window sill. This will need to be removed. It maybe disused, in which case we can chop it out and conceal the end behind your shutter framework. Any moving of BT and/or TV aerial points will need to be moved by a professional. This must be done before we arrive to fit your Window Shutters.

Frame Styles

We design and build a complete bespoke framework for your Shutters. Our frame style include the standard face or side-fix Vintage ‘L’ Frame, which are used on Wooden and UPVC windows. We also have the Z-Frame, which is a wrap-around style framework with a built-on architrave. This is used for deep reveal windows and doors. We also have the Valley Deco framework, which is used for inward-opening windows and doors. So we have a framework for every application.

Choosing the right framework is important. Frame types include the Zenith and chamfered L frames made of timber which can be fixed to the inside of the existing window recess or directly onto the existing window framework. Our framework is either fixed directly into you window casement or into the plaster reveals.

For Full-Height and Tier-on-Tier Window Shutters, we will use a four-part framework and for the half-height shutters (Cafe style), we’ll use a three-part framework, seen here…

When we survey a wide-span, specifically wide sliding doors or openings, we’ll use a top-tracking system. This uses an upper track, which is supported by chunky side frames, which match your Shutters. These will be Bi-Folding Door Shutters. The complete assembly is encased into a bespoke framework, which is fixed into the reveal. This is a critical part of any survey and we are specialists.

When we survey for Shutters, we also have to take into account any handles that are protruding, Large handles are usually found on UPVC windows. We have to measure for allowances to clear the handles with the panels and the Louvers. Most of the time we will cover the handles with the Mid Rails or Tier-on-Tier break points.

On our survey, we will look at the height of the window looking out onto the street, this measurement for the Mid-Rails or break points, is the break point in your window. This allows privacy and security, even when the upper segment is opened.

Hinges and Hardwear

On your survey, we will show you all the options on Hinge finishes, these will determine the finish of all hardware on the Shutters. Our Hinges are Steel powder-coated or Brushed Steel. We also do a Bright Brass or Chromed Hinge. Here are examples of our Hinges.

Riverside Shutters, We are here to help…

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