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up to 40% off shutters for our summer sale
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We’re firm believers in fair pricing. We’ll beat any like-for-like quote and throw in a 10-year no quibble warranty plus free installation.

Bespoke Window Shutters in Chessington

Welcome to Riverside Shutters, Chessington’s premier destination for custom-designed window shutters that speak to your style. Our passionate team is here to enhance your living space with tailor-made shutters that complement your home and its unique requirements.

Opt for elegance with full-height shutters, indulge in versatility with tier-on-tier, enjoy the quaint charm of café style, or select the smooth functionality of track shutters. We bring the broadest selection of top-tier materials to homes in Chessington, from the warmth of Basswood to the resilience of MDF, ensuring exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal.

Brighten up your home with our eye-catching bay window shutters, introduce an artistic touch with our customised shaped shutters, or bolster the security of your home with our fortified Security Shutter range. Choosing Riverside means choosing craftsmanship that is designed to align with the architecture and heart of your Chessington home.

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Professionally Installed Window Shutters and Awnings

Riverside Shutters is not your average shutter company. We find solutions to everyday problems through specialist window shutters and blinds. Perhaps you’re in need of a good night’s sleep or seclusion from a nosy neighbour. Your property requires robust security, or an added layer of insulation.

Our bespoke blackout and security shutters promise improved sleep, 24-7 protection and a comfortable indoor climate, year-round. Enhancing not only how your property looks, but how it feels.

Enviable kerb appeal and privacy come as standard.

Our Ranges

Why opt for Plantation Shutters in Chessington?

Enhance energy efficiency, retain warmth, and cut down on fuel costs while minimising noise and ensuring precise light and privacy control.

Maintain a cool ambiance by reflecting heat outdoors, reducing reliance on fans or air conditioning for cost-effective fuel expenses, noise reduction, and precise light and privacy control.

Innovative Blackout Blinds: Immerse yourself in darkness

Our integrated blackout blinds, available as an optional addition to all shutter varieties, guarantee undisturbed sleep at any hour. Say goodbye to unsightly plastic blackout shades; this is the next generation of chic bedroom darkness. Cleverly integrated between the window and shutter, these blinds provide a darker-than-dark blackout for a serene night’s sleep for the entire family.

Home Security Shutters: Ensuring your family’s safety

  • Your home is your most valuable asset and deserves protection.
  • No one wants to spend nights or holidays fretting about break-ins.

Our state-of-the-art home security shutters seamlessly blend design and window protection. Resembling classic plantation shutters, they are constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminum and feature a proprietary double lock-and-key system.

Awnings: Defying the English weather for uninterrupted enjoyment

Turn to our retractable awnings for ample outdoor shade and protection. Tailored in the UK for residential and commercial premises, these fashionable and practical solutions are the antidote to unpredictable weather.

Our BAT-patented awnings lead the market, offering a variety of weather-proof fabrics, colours, widths, and projections. Ready for immediate use, these awnings come fully assembled and install effortlessly.

Lancaster MDF Shutters: Stylish and budget-friendly window adornment

Our Lancaster shutters reign supreme as the preferred choice, marrying style with affordability.

Sleek, refined plantation shutters that exude elegance without breaking the bank embody the perfect blend of design, functionality, and unbeatable value.

Memphis Paulownia Shutters: Tailored for extraordinary windows

Crafted for larger-than-life windows.

Ideal for feature windows, bi-fold doors, and orangeries, these lightweight shutters are easy to operate and made from high-quality, environmentally sustainable materials.

Wellington Shutters: premium, sturdy basswood

Heavier and more resilient than our standard ranges, Wellington shutters are the optimal solution for expansive floor-to-ceiling or tracker shutter applications requiring durability and constant movement.

Stirling Shutters: Crafted from top-notch American white teak

Skillfully fashioned from sustainably sourced American white teak, these shutters can be customised to complement any décor and window type. Opt for a sleek, uncomplicated appearance with our optional concealed hinge. Mission accomplished.

Aqua Shutters: Waterproofing your bathroom

Acknowledging the uneasy relationship between wood and water.

Unlike other shutters that are unsuitable for humid spaces, Aqua Shutters are perfect for steamy bathrooms, damp rooms, and kitchens. Resembling classic plantation shutters, they are 100% water-resistant thanks to the advanced ABS (acrylonile butadiene styrene) material. A chic and water-resistant window treatment offers an ideal solution for your Chessington bathroom windows.

Shutters for Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, and More

Our plantation shutters will look insanely stylish in any room. But, it’s not all about the looks. Our shutter ranges are designed with impeccable form and function too.  No two are the same but each has been made to help overcome everyday issues in the home. You tell us your pain points and we’ll find a solution.

Take a peek at some of the most popular uses for our window and door shutters.

Revitalise Your Bedroom with Shutters for a Luxurious Morning

Elevate your bedroom experience with our premium shutters, providing unparalleled control over light day and night. Not only do they offer privacy, but they also allow you to bask in the morning sunlight with grace.

Experience the epitome of relaxation with our integrated blackout features, transforming your bedroom into a haven of darkness for that well-deserved lie-in.

Culinary Haven with Kitchen Shutters: Hygiene and Style Combined

Enhance the safety and cleanliness of your kitchen with our stylish shutters for windows and glass doors. Beyond their sleek appearance, these shutters remain effortlessly pristine. Now, you can brew your morning coffee without worrying about prying eyes.

Tailor-Made Kitchen Shutter Solutions: Fit for Any Door

Customise our shutters to perfectly complement various kitchen door types, including bi-folds, French doors, and sliders. Our unique track system ensures a seamless fit, allowing the shutters to fold back or glide open according to your door design.

Ultimate Privacy in the Bathroom: Aqua Shutters to the Rescue

Achieve total privacy in your bathroom with our innovative Aqua shutters, which allow ample light while shielding you from unwanted gazes. Crafted to resist moisture, these shutters are a must-have for any steamy bathroom setting.

Living Room Elegance with Lounge Shutters

Impress your guests with our plantation shutters designed to enhance your home’s interior, providing not only increased privacy but also improved insulation. The options for shutter types, colours, and materials in your living spaces are virtually limitless.

Versatile Bi-Fold Door Shutters: Extend Style Beyond Windows

Our plantation shutters are not limited to windows; we also offer installation for patio doors. Opt for our lightweight Memphis line for easy access to your garden. The smart track system allows you to effortlessly slide or bi-fold your shutters for larger doors, maintaining strength and intelligence with a light touch.

Bespoke Shutters for Unique Architectural Features

Transform challenging architectural elements like bespoke windows and doors with our made-to-measure shutters. Custom-designed to fit any size, shape, material, and colour, our shutters add a touch of fashion and snug-fitting elegance to your unique windows.

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