Precision engineered, our track shutters are ideal for patio doors or places where you want some flexibility.

Neatly housed in a series of tracks – bi-fold or bi-pass – the shutters can fully fold back or slide together. So you’ll get the benefits of better security, privacy and insulation when you need them. And full light and access to the garden when you don’t.

What’s more, depending on the shape, size and layout of the interior space, track shutters can also be used as a handy room divider. Ideal for splitting a large interior space into two separate rooms or creating a small private space within a room.

BI Pass Track Bathroom
Track Shutters

Our track shutters are custom made and available in a choice of colours and materials to suit your home. For added security we can install optional locking mechanisms, too.

Our track shutters are a cool bit of kit and we like to show them off.
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Q: What are track shutters?
These stunning shutters are becoming increasingly popular in UK homes, and for good reason. They offer a unique and stylish way to dress your windows, with added perks like easy operation and versatility.

Here’s the lowdown on track shutters:

Imagine panels gliding like silk along top and bottom tracks, opening and closing effortlessly like smooth operators. No more wrestling with clunky hinges—these shutters move with the grace of a ballerina! This design also eliminates bulky hardware on your window frame, creating a sleek, minimalist look that elevates any space.

Track shutters are particularly handy for those with large windows, patio doors, or even bay windows. The panels seamlessly cover wide spaces, and some systems even offer bi-folding options. Picture this: when fully open, the panels fold neatly against the wall, letting the sunshine flood in and showcasing stunning views. Talk about maximising space and wowing guests!

But let’s not forget the practicalities. You’ll love the effortless operation: just a gentle sweep of your hand sends the panels gliding along the tracks, even for heavier ones. This makes them ideal for anyone who wants to easily control light and privacy in different parts of the room. Imagine soaking up sunshine on one side while the other side enjoys cool shade—perfect for reading a book or watching TV without squinting!

Of course, no window treatment is perfect. Be aware that track shutters tend to be pricier than traditional hinged designs due to their complex mechanisms and larger coverage. Additionally, getting the installation right is key to smooth sailing, so professional help might be worth considering.

Overall, track shutters are a stylish and practical option for UK homes, especially for those with large windows or a love for minimalist aesthetics. They offer smooth operation, versatility, and a touch of contemporary flair. If you’re looking for a unique and functional way to dress your windows, give these gliding beauties a try!

Bonus Tip: When choosing your track system, consider your window size and desired function. Bi-fold options are ideal for maximising space, while traditional sliding panels offer more flexibility for controlling light and privacy in specific areas.

Remember, track shutters are all about smooth sailing and adding a touch of magic to your windows. So, go ahead and explore the exciting world of track shutters and let the sunshine (and good vibes) in!

More About Track Shutters

Tailored from scratch to suit all requirements and budgets, our bespoke track shutters are available in a limitless variety of configurations for all types of properties. Precision engineered to ensure as smooth as possible adjustments, our high-quality track shutters represent the ultimate home improvement for all types of classical and contemporary properties.

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As the name suggests, track shutters differ from conventional plantation shutters in that they are housed in a series of tracks that enable them to be moved. Available with two different types of tracking systems – bi-fold and bi-pass – track shutters are particularly versatile as the shutters in their entirety can be folded or moved as required.

This makes track shutters a particularly popular choice for french doors and patio doors. Along with providing total privacy and lighting control when the panels are closed, the whole thing can be opened to enable unobstructed access to the doors and windows behind the panels.

Track shutters combine the sophisticated elegance of full length shutters with the convenience of easy-to-operate secondary doors. All while adding an additional security feature to your home, while taking thermal efficiency and exterior noise reduction to the next level.


Depending on the shape, size and configuration of the interior space, track shutters can also be used as an effective and aesthetically pleasing room divider.

The possibilities with track shutters are endless, which is why we strongly advise organising a free home design visit to discuss the available options.


At Riverside Shutters, we specialise exclusively in 100% made to measure products and systems for all types of windows and doors. Our high-quality track shutters can be customised in a variety of ways to suit all home styles and existing interior décor.

Whether you are looking to create a statement piece or something that blends seamlessly into the background, we’d be delighted to talk you through the options. By organising a free home design visit, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss how and where our track shutters could be installed to enhance and improve your interiors.

Along with an extensive range of colours, finishes and materials, our shutters are also available with a wide variety of optional features such as secure locking mechanisms. Whether your goal is to enhance the visual appeal of your home or boost home security, our track shutters represent the ultimate in long-term value for money.

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