If you like the best of both worlds, our tier-on-tier shutters are the answer.

Enjoy all the benefits of full height shutters with the added perk of independently operated top and bottom panels.

With our tier-on-tier shutters you’ll be able to let in more light and air by simply folding back the top tier, while keeping the bottom panels closed for privacy. So, there’s no need to move the furniture. Or, when you want to fully block out light or make the room cosy, you can keep the two tiers together and open or close as one.

Tier On Tier Shutters
Tier on Tier Shutters 2

Our tier-on-tier shutters are custom made for a flawless fit and available in a wide range of colours, finishes and materials to suit your space. Multiple options in one stylish shutter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are tier-on-tier shutters?
Tier-on-tier shutters are like your favourite outfit upgraded—two styles in one! Imagine full-length shutters magically split into a top and bottom section, each operating independently. That’s tier on tier! They give you the benefits of both full-height and café-style shutters in one sleek package.

Here’s how it works:

  • Two tiers, double the control: The top and bottom sections open and close separately, letting you manage light, privacy, and ventilation with unmatched precision. Think sunshine on your face while keeping curious eyes at bay, or letting cool breezes in while maintaining lower-half privacy.
  • Flexibility for every moment: Need full privacy? Close both tiers. Want sunshine above and a view below? Open just the top. Craving ventilation while feeling secure? Tilt the bottom louvres inwards. Tier-on-tier adapts to your every whim!
  • Style with substance: These shutters add a touch of contemporary sophistication to any home. Their clean lines and flexible functionality make them a stunning and practical choice for modern and traditional spaces alike.

But remember:

  • Tier-on-tier beauty comes with a price tag: They tend to be pricier than their full-height or café-style counterparts.
  • Installation can be trickier: Due to the separate mechanisms, professional installation is often recommended to ensure smooth operation.

Overall, tier-on-tier shutters are the perfect choice for those who crave ultimate control over light, privacy, and ventilation and appreciate a touch of stylish versatility. If you’re looking for a window treatment that’s both functional and fabulous, tier on tier might just be your match!

More About Tier on Tier Shutters

Bring the best of both worlds into your home with our bespoke tier on tier shutters, designed from scratch to perfectly complement your interiors.  Riverside Shutters is proud to offer a comprehensive catalogue of tier on tier shutters of unbeatable quality and value for money, made to measure and installed by our own expert team of fitters.

Browse our complete collection of tier on tier shutters online, or contact a member of our customer support team for more information.


Tier on tier shutters combine the benefits of full height shutters with the added convenience of independently operated top and bottom panels. Like full height shutters, tier on tier shutters are designed to cover the vertical length of the window or door in its entirety.

The important difference being that the top and bottom can be opened independently of one another, maximising control over light, privacy, security and ventilation. Tier on tier shutters are available in the same wide variety of materials and finishes, to suit all types of interior décor, designed and manufactured from scratch for a flawless fit.


Tier on tier shutters can be advantageous in a variety of ways, combining the benefits of two popular types of shutters into one elegant window or door covering. For example, tier on tier plantation shutters make it possible to open the upper panels independently, enabling maximum light to enter the room while maintaining privacy by keeping the lower panels closed.

If preferred, the whole thing can be opened to flood your interior spaces with natural light, or closed to block as much unwanted light as possible. Also like full height shutters, quality tier on tier shutters can make a real difference to the thermal efficiency of your home throughout the year.

The added security benefits of full height shutters are also well documented, placing an extra layer of security between your interiors and the outside world. Unwanted noise from outside can also be reduced with some types of tier on tier shutters, making for a more comfortable and relaxing environment indoors.


As with all products here at Riverside, our tier on tier shutters are available in an extensive range of materials, colours and finishes suiting all tastes and preferences. Options are also available to suit most budgets, from entry-level MDF shutters right through to the most exotic hardwood shutters for homes of distinction.

Importantly, all tier on tier shutters are made to measure from scratch, in order to ensure a flawless fit at the hands of our skilled installation team. Whether you are ready to go ahead or simply considering a home improvement project, we’re standing by to take your call.

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