At Riverside Shutters, we offer a wide range of materials which are suitable for a diverse choice of budgets and applications. Here, you will find that we have listed some of the most popular options along with a brief description of affordability and suitability so that you can select the most appropriate product based on your needs.

MDF / Craftwood Shutters

Highly practical, cost effective and also available in five complimentary white finishes, our Craftwood MDF Shutters are made to the highest standards and are also environmentally friendly as they are first spray painted then Lacquer coated during the manufacturing process.

This product is ideal for anyone looking for affordable and durable shutters for any door or window, in any part of the home.

Hardwood Shutters

With our premium quality hardwood ‘Wellington’ shutters, the frames themselves are made from Premium Basswood as this provides unrivalled strength and durability. The entire shutters assembly is made from Premium hardwood which is also robust, lightweight and easy to maintain. We also offer our non-premium ‘Halifax’ Basswood range, which is made using an MDF framework, keeping the costs down whilst maintain the high quality and standard of Shutter Manufacturing.

As with all our range, resistant to warping and flexing, these high grade plantation shutters are ideal for those in search of a painted or stained finish which can help to enhance the ambience in any interior decorating scheme.

White Teak Plantation Shutters

Made from one of the most popular choices of material, our white teak shutters look great with either a paint or stain finish and the high level of quality associated with this material makes it the “go to” option for designers and DIYers looking for unrivalled quality.

As well as offering a huge choice of colours and finishes, we are also able to offer a colour match option on these best-selling door and window shutters.

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