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    A quick ‘how-to’ guide

    In order for us to give you aninitial cost for fitting Window Shutters in your home, we may ask to get some measurements from you. Below is a guide on how to measure your windows, and a few notes to go with the drawings too.

    By providing us this information it will enable us to give you an accurate estimation of your window shutters cost. Plantation shutters costs differ depending entirely on range choice and overall square-meterage.

    If you need guidance in measuring your windows, please don’t hesitate in contacting us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

    So, let’s get started.

    We basically need the width and height measurements: if you have wooden Sash Windows, then simply measure ALL the framework on the width, and to the top of the framework from the Window Sill. If you need Cafe style Window Shutters, then just measure up to the split-point of your windows, this is where the Internal Window Shutters will end.

    If you have UPVC windows, we’ll always ask if you have protruding handles. This will enable us to access weather we need to build the frames out or supply/replace like-for-like low-profile handles. This carries a small surcharge, but is critical in making sure that your Louvers and Panels work perfectly.

    Critical and accurate measurements will be taken in the final survey, but this will not affect the plantation shutters cost which we have quoted you.

    Below you can see a number of Bay Window Types as a guide. Don’t get put-off with the dynamics of the drawings, we only want the overall frame width and height. You can treat a 3, 5, 6 or even 7-part bay as ‘separate’ panels, each adding-up to the total width – but remember to include the frame(s) at each side.

    Note that we will only need one height measurement for a multiple windowed bay but individual heights for separate single windows.

    Measuring for straight Windows or Doors
    Measuring your single window or doors is simple: all we need is the width and height of each window or door (including the frame).

    Look at the example diagrams below and measure each of your windows/doors accordingly, regardless of whether it is a single window or French doors. All we need is the overall height and width of EACH opening (including the frame).

    By giving us the dimensions this way, we expect that your final quotation will be lower than the initial quote, due to our precise system of our on-site surveying. This means the window shutters cost you are provided will never change.

    So all you need to get started – is a tape measure!

    Single Window/Doors Measurement Guide

    Window Measure


    Here’s our guide for different types of Bay Windows. We’ve marked points and calculations to help.

    Bay Measure

    Once you’re done, fill-in the form and just hit the Submit button. We’ll take a look at your measurements and either call you with your window shutters or plantation shutters cost, or email a quote to you.