As the name suggests, full height shutters cover the length of the window or door from top to bottom.

The benefits? Maximum privacy. Total control over light any time of day or night. And an extra layer of thermal efficiency for your home.  What’s not to love?

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Made to measure and available in a huge range of colours, finishes and materials to suit your space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are full-height shutters?
Full-height shutters, also known as full-length shutters, extend from the top of your window frame to the bottom, covering the entire opening. They operate as one unit, opening and closing like a door with multiple panels.

Q: What height should shutters be?
The ideal height for shutters depends on your window size and desired look. Ideally, full-height shutters should match the exact height of your window frame. This creates a clean, streamlined appearance and ensures complete coverage.

Q: What are the benefits of full-height shutters?
Full-height shutters offer a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Privacy: They effectively shield your interiors from prying eyes while still allowing light to filter through.
  • Light control: By adjusting the louvres, you can regulate the amount of sunlight entering your space, creating a cosy atmosphere or a bright, airy feel.
  • Insulation: They act as an extra layer of insulation, helping to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, potentially reducing energy costs.
  • Curb appeal: Full-height shutters add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home’s exterior, enhancing its overall aesthetic.
  • Noise reduction: They can dampen outside noise, creating a more peaceful and serene environment inside.

Q: Should shutters be taller than your window?
No, shutters should not be taller than your window. They should precisely match the height of your window frame for a seamless look and optimal functionality. Taller shutters would protrude awkwardly and potentially obstruct opening and closing mechanisms.

Bonus tip: For a unique touch, consider installing mid-rails on your full-height shutters. This allows you to control light and privacy in different sections of the window independently.

Remember, the perfect shutter height is all about matching your window dimensions and achieving the desired balance of function and style. Choose wisely and unlock a world of comfort and elegance with full-height shutters!

More About Full Height Shutters

Riverside Shutters is pleased to provide a diverse selection of full-height shutters that give the utmost in comfort, convenience, privacy, and security for every room in the house. Our in-house team of professionals supplies and installs our full height shutters, which are created to order and can be customised to fit practically any window or door.


As the name suggests, full height shutters are shutters that comprise frames and panels that cover the vertical length of the window or door in its entirety. One of the most popular types of shutters available, full height is also the most common choice when upgrading interiors with plantation shutters.

Full height shutters are designed to cover the height of the window or door and its entirety, which in turn provides complete control over light. Available in an extensive range of colours, finishes and materials to suit all preferences, full-height shutters make an attractive and eye-catching addition to the room that’s also fabulously functional.


The installation of full height shutters results in complete coverage of the window or door from top to bottom. This can be ideal for controlling excessive or unwanted light at all times of day and night, with a simple yet effective panel configuration.

In addition, full height shutters can also be great for maximising privacy in any room of the home.  By covering the full vertical length of the window or door, full height shutters serve as a physical barrier between your interiors and the outdoors.  This can be a benefit should your home be located close to a busy road or pavement, as it will keep your interiors safely hidden from the outside world.

Another benefit to the installation of full height shutters is their capacity to enhance and improve the thermal efficiency of your home in general. Shutters are remarkably effective in heat retention which can result in lower energy consumption and may also reduce your heating costs.

Shutters are an added advantage since they increase the security of your house and serve as a deterrent to potential invaders. The safety and security of your home are greatly improved if the shutters you have put completely enclose your windows or doors. Be sure to choose an advanced, modern shutter range with cutting-edge locking and safety features built in.


At Riverside Shutters, every product we supply and install is made to measure from scratch. Our full height shutters are available in a wide variety of materials, ranging from entry-level MDF right through to premium hardwood in a variety of finishes.

Whether you are looking to complement your existing décor or create a standout feature for your interior space, we’ll help you find the perfect full height shutters for your home. Call anytime for an obligation-free consultation, or to arrange your free initial home design visit.

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