Desperate for some quality shut-eye? We don’t blame you.

Our shutters are a brilliant solution for bedrooms, giving you full control over light any time of day or night. They’re great for privacy too. Get dressed in daylight while keeping your dignity intact.

For darker-than-dark bedrooms, our integrated blackout blinds are a genius optional extra. We call it a ready-made lie in.


It’s not just adults who love our shutters. Safe, practical and secure, they’re the perfect window solution for kids bedrooms, too. Block out the light to keep them sleeping for longer, keep pesky allergens away, and wipe away sticky marks with ease.


Prefer it bright and breezy during the day? Subject to space, our shutters can be fully folded back to let maximum light and air flood into the bedroom. When the sun sets, a quick fold back into place and the light fully disappears.

White Childs Bedroom Shutters
Kids Bedroom Shutters
  • Crafted with care
    Our full range of bedroom shutters and blinds are crafted by the best in the business and made to last.
  • Top-notch materials
    Manufactured from superior and sustainable materials. We’ll tell you the price, you choose the material.
  • Complementary colours
    Available in a wide range of colours. For something specific, our top-of-the-range shutters can be custom spray painted.
  • Configurations
    We’ll build your shutters any way you want them. Typically, we recommend full height with split louvre or tier-on-tier shutters for bedrooms depending on the height of the window.

Give us a call to book a free home survey and we’ll talk you through the best options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shutters good for bedrooms?
Absolutely! Shutters bring a symphony of benefits to the bedroom realm:

  • Privacy paradise: Keep prying eyes and moonlight at bay with adjustable louvers. Perfect for creating a cosy haven for sleep and slumber parties.
  • Light control maestro: Regulate sunlight to your heart’s content, from a soft morning glow to a complete blackout for undisturbed naps. Say goodbye to sleep disruptions from unwanted light!
  • Insulation ally: Shutters act as an extra layer of insulation, keeping your bedroom cooler in summer and warmer in winter, potentially reducing energy costs. Snuggle to a comfortable temperature without blasting the AC or cranking up the heat.
  • Noise reduction ninja: Drown out street noise and hallway chatter with the solid construction of shutters. Breathe easy and drift off to sleep in a peaceful oasis.
  • Stylish flair: Add a touch of timeless elegance or modern sophistication to your bedroom with various shutter styles and materials. Think Parisian vibes with sleek café shutters or contemporary cool with clean-lined full-height options.

Are shutters dark enough for a bedroom?
It depends! While full-height shutters with tightly closed louvres can create near-blackout conditions, the level of darkness varies based on:

  • Louvre angle: The tighter you close the louvres, the darker your room will become. Experiment with different angles to find the sweet spot for sleep.
  • Material: Solid wood shutters offer the best blackout potential, while PVC or MDF might allow some light to filter through.
  • External factors: Streetlights or moonlight shining directly on the window can still impact darkness, even with closed louvers. Consider blackout curtains or light-blocking shades for additional darkness if needed.

Do shutters look better with or without curtains?
It’s a matter of personal preference and desired ambiance! Both options have their charm:

  • Shutters solo: Create a clean, minimalist look that showcases the architectural beauty of your windows. Perfect for modern and contemporary spaces.
  • Shutters and curtains double act: layer curtains over shutters for added warmth, texture, and a more traditional or romantic feel. Great for cosy cottage vibes or a touch of drama.

Bonus tip: Consider the size and style of your bedroom when choosing shutters. Full-height shutters might overwhelm smaller spaces, while café-style shutters can offer a charming solution. Explore different materials and colours to find the perfect match for your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Remember, shutters offer a symphony of functional and aesthetic benefits for your bedroom. Embrace the flexibility of light control, privacy, and insulation, and create a haven for sweet dreams and stylish slumber!

More About Bedroom Shutters

Our high quality plantation shutters are the most practical and elegantly designed solution for any modern bedroom. Once fitted, these made to measure wooden window blinds will give you complete control over the amount of light entering your room whilst also enabling complete privacy as and when required.


During the daytime, our premium quality shutters can be folded back almost entirely and this enables the maximum amount of visible daylight and sunshine to flood into your bedroom, whilst simultaneously allowing the cool summer breeze to circulate freely around the space in your home. When the sun goes down and the evening creeps in, you can then adjust the shutters so that no outside light enters the bedroom whilst ensuring prying eyes are kept completely at bay.

At Riverside Shutters, we offer a full range of bedroom shutter and window blind options which are accurately made to measure so that they will fit your windows precisely. This provides maximum efficiency and complete functionality at all times. Our bespoke bedroom shutters are also available in a variety of materials and superbly styled colour finishes that will complement any interior design scheme you care to implement.

As well as being suitable for adult bedrooms, our premium shutters are also a great idea for children’s bedrooms and nursery settings. They are safe, practical and completely secure, whilst also being easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. They are also visually attractive and available in a wide choice of bright colours. Add our extended 10 year warranty to this, and you will begin to realize just how stylish and useful our bedroom plantation shutters can be, whatever the application.


Our bespoke window shutters are the perfect choice for your bedroom for a good number of reasons. When they are closed, they can virtually completely black-out any external light source and they also help to reduce the level of outdoor noise entering your home that might be disturbing your sleep. They are also cordless which makes them practically childproof and when they are closed they can also help to eliminate harmful allergens such as pollen and dust pollution.


Although you are completely free to choose whichever style or configuration you want for your bedroom windows, our personal recommendations include our full height plantation shutter panels with split louver configuration and our tier-on-tier shutters, depending on the height of the window you intend to cover. When you arrange a free home visit from one of our surveyors, we will explain all of the available options whilst also pointing out the most effective choice of materials and most appropriate styles should you require assistance.

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