Colour Choices

Colour Choice

Here at Riverside Shutters we know just how important the use of colour can be in the world of interior design and the creation of a living environment in the rooms and space around your home. Whether you are looking for a modern and practical, unique look that is based entirely on your own individual ideas, or something elegant and simple, we can provide everything you need to ensure you get the result you are looking for.

At Riverside Shutters, we are able to offer an almost unlimited choice of colours and attractively stained finishes on our wooden shutters for windows and doors, including finishes created using leading paints by Sparrow and Ball, along with similarly pleasing and eye-catching finishes using products by other popular paint manufacturers.

Whites Swatches
Wellington Stained Swatches

The Available Colour Options for Wooden Window and Door Shutters

So, what colour options are available to you and which would be best suited for each particular room of your home? Well, that depends entirely on your needs, personal preferences and tastes. Plain white and stained wood are two of the most popular options for plantation shutters, each completely visually compelling whilst also remaining undeniably practical in terms of being easy to clean and match with other furnishings.

When using our website, you can click and browse through the various colour options available by simply selecting images from the gallery. In terms of white finishes, our pure white, extra white, pearl white and ivory lace options are all popular selections, particularly for the bathroom, kitchen and conservatory window and door shutters.

From Rustic Teak to Immaculate White

The most popular stain finishes include weathered teak, cherry, red mahogany and taupe. These are well suited for those trying to create an antique or rustic look in the home, although they also sit well in a more modern context.  We also offer a complimentary range of hinge choices to match the shutter colour/stain such as Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome or just a simple matching White.

Whether you are looking to get a wooden window or door blind fitted that boasts a French or Old English Oak Finish or you want to achieve a clean and modern bright look that will add to the overall feeling of openness and spaciousness, Riverside Shutters are here to meet your needs whilst catering entirely to your individual preferences.

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