Lounge Shutters

The living room or lounge area of your home is quite often one of the most frequently used spaces in your property. Whether you are sharing a meal with family or friends, socializing or entertaining, the lounge or dining area in your home represents the perfect opportunity to show off your interior design skills to the fullest degree.

Our lounge window shutters can play a major role in terms of helping you create the most elegant and sophisticated overall look.

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At first, you may find yourself somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of styles, sizes and configurations available in our premium quality lounge shutter collection, however, help is always at hand and when you choose Riverside Shutters for your plantation shutter needs. You can rest assured that we will personally take the time and effort to discuss all of the most suitable and practical options available to you in accordance with your tastes, needs and preferences.

The Many Advantages of Interior Window Shutters

Our high quality plantation shutters are elegant and exceptionally stylish and they can be made to measure so that they will fit any door or window that you have in mind. They are also superbly functional and effortlessly easy to clean and maintain.

In modern times, many interior designers are to be found shying away from traditional window covers such as curtains and roller-blinds in favour of our highly versatile and beautifully designed interior window shutters.

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As well as being safe and secure, they allow maximum light to enter the room when required, whilst ensuring full privacy during the evening when you switch on the lights. They also help keep out excessive noise whilst blocking out allergens such as pollen and dust.

Our Recommendations for Lounge Shutters

Depending on the actual height of the window, we personally recommend our cafe style plantation shutters which are ideal for uninterrupted privacy and maximum light when required. We also recommend our full-height window shutter configuration with split level louvers or, depending on the overall size of the window, our tier on tier option might be more suitable.

Again, these options are appropriate for maximum light and privacy and we can discuss the most suitable style and configurations with you during the free home visit with a no olbigation survey.

Gallery Of Installed Window Shutters In The Lounge

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