Our plantation shutters aren’t exclusively for windows, we can supply and fit them to patio doors too.

We’re pretty sure you’ll still want to access your garden with ease, so our lightweight Memphis range does just the job. And for large doorways, our cleverly integrated track system means you can slide or bi-fold your shutters back whenever you like. Seriously strong and study, yet feather-light to move. For narrow doors, there’s less weight to move about which means more choice of materials.

Doorway Track

FULL HEIGHT DOOR SHUTTERS (single door applications)

Want to open and close your shutters in one simple move? Our full height shutters tick that box. Purpose built to cover the full length of the doorway, giving you complete privacy when closed and maximum light when open.

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More About Doorway and Bi-Fold Shutters

When choosing the right plantation shutter for a door or window, it’s a good idea to be fully aware of the main options available before deciding on the most appropriate product for your needs. At Riverside Shutters, we offer a concise range of practical, safe and stylish plantation shutters that will fit any doorway imaginable.

Our made to measure door shutters are available in a wide choice of styles, colours and finishes although we always recommend a lightweight product for ease of use such as any of the products listed in our light wood Memphis range. This is particularly well suited for wider doorway applications. This may also require our full-width tracking system, which allows full access to all your doors and openings.

If the width of the doorway is narrow, a more solid material type might be more suitable. In particular, our Lancaster plantation shutters (made from MDF) and our equally strong Memphis range, are both perfect choices for this purpose.


The actual style or configuration of the shutter system you choose to go with will play a vital role in ensuring the level of privacy and functionality that you can realistically expect your new wooden blind system to provide.

Full height shutters are purpose built to cover the entire height of the doorway. This means you either have complete privacy when fully closed, or the full amount of natural light coming in when the shutter is entirely open.


Our split-level doorway shutters consists of a split level configuration. This means that you get two or more wooden door shutters on top of each other. The advantage of this is that some of the blinds can be opened whilst leaving any remaining shutters fully or partially closed. This enables you to let more air and light to circulate throughout the home, and blocking out exterior sound, light and other pollutants during the evening or whenever you need some added privacy.

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