Wooden Shutters: An Eco-Friendly Solution

Everyone knows that doing your ‘bit’ for the environment is about more than climate change awareness. It is also about doing everything you can to practice a little essential preservation of your own finite funds.

Increasingly, homeowners across the UK are setting their sights on the kinds of eco-friendly home improvements that go beyond basic comfort or aesthetic enhancements. As millions struggle to make ends meet in the face of escalating living costs, anything that can help reduce everyday expenses is more than welcome.

This is where wooden window shutters really can make all the difference. In terms of both their eco-friendliness and their capacity to save you money, premium window shutters really are unbeatable.

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Here is why:

They help regulate temperatures

It is no secret that as much as 20% of a home’s internal heat escapes through its windows. But what most people are unaware of is how wooden window shutters can reduce heat loss by as much as 60%. This adds up to the kind of thermal efficiency that can make a major contribution to energy savings by reducing the amount of fuel needed to regulate temperatures at home.

Best of all, the temperature-regulating benefits of wooden shutters are by no means confined exclusively to the winter months. In summer, they can be equally great for keeping the heat of the direct sun at bay and holding more cool evening air in your home. Again, great for keeping energy bills under control while enjoying more comfortable interiors.

They last a long time

The highest-quality wooden window shutters have a potentially indefinite lifespan. This is why you will often see historic buildings of all shapes and sizes worldwide that still have their original, centuries-old window shutters. While window shutters may be costlier to install than conventional curtains, what you get in terms of long-term value for money is simply unbeatable.

This is something that could save you money over time, negating the need to replace your shutters at any point in the near future. It can also be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, as products that last longer help combat waste better than their more disposable counterparts.

They can (and should) be sustainably sourced

The materials that go into premium wooden shutters should always be sourced as responsibly as possible. This means materials of sustainable origin, where the utilisation of wood is compensated by the planting of more trees. Under no circumstances should the materials sourced for wooden shutters have a negative impact on the environment.

Where wooden shutters are sustainably sourced and manufactured in an eco-friendly way, they can have a much lower overall carbon footprint than many conventional window coverings.

They require little to no maintenance

The minimal maintenance requirements associated with wooden shutters can be great for both your bank balance and the environment. Washing conventional curtains, nets, and drapes adds to your carbon footprint with each cycle or a trip to the dry cleaners. With wooden shutters, all it takes is a quick wipe here and there to keep them in pristine condition.

This is something that will save you time, effort, and money in the long term. All while making it much easier to do your ‘bit’ for the environment and sparing you the laborious task of taking your curtains down to clean them.

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