Why Shutters Are the Ultimate Winter Window Covering

When you think about it, winter can be the perfect time to get to grips with home improvements. Motivation to venture outdoors is minimal as the nights draw in and the weather takes a turn.

You are already spending more time indoors, so why not make the most of a dark and dismal situation?

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When it comes to creating a cosy and comfortable environment at home, high-quality window shutters are unbeatable. Particularly when it comes to boosting energy efficiency, nothing gets the job done better.

If you plan on performing just one renovation this winter, here are seven reasons to upgrade to window shutters:

1: Window shutters help retain warm air

Research suggests that anything from 25% to 50% of the heat generated by radiators goes straight out the window. This amounts to a huge amount of wasted heat and energy, particularly over the winter months. Rivalling the insulating properties of double glazing, quality shutters can reduce heating loss at home by up to 60%.

2: They can also help keep cold air at bay

Shutters help keep interior spaces warm by preventing cold air from making its way indoors. Quality shutters create a robust physical barrier between you and the cold weather outside. Precisely fitted by an experienced installation team, drafts and imperfections can be completely eliminated for a warmer home.

3: Shutters help bring energy bills under control

Making every effort to cut down household energy consumption is essential; with quality window shutters installed, it takes significantly less energy to keep the home warm and cosy. By setting your thermostat a couple of degrees lower, you could be looking at significant monthly and annual savings.

Shutters Are the Ultimate Winter Window Covering

4: They boost privacy throughout the winter

Dark days combined with brightly lit interiors can make privacy a challenge during the winter. Precisely where shutters can help, shutters can completely obscure the view into your home from outdoors. You can even tilt the louvres in a way that allows whatever natural light there is into your home while still making it possible for people to see in.

5: A welcome home security boost

As most burglaries take place during hours of darkness, home security must be prioritised in the winter. Shutters serve as an effective deterrent for would-be intruders by creating a physical barrier between your home and the outdoors, far more so than any conventional curtains, blinds, or rollers.

6: Shutters are practically maintenance-free

Keeping window shutters clean is as easy as giving them an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. No more trips to the dry cleaners with bulky curtains or allergy-triggering build-ups of dust.

7: No concerns with condensation

Condensation that accumulates on curtains and other soft window coverings can result in mould and mildew development. It can also make curtains look, feel, and smell anything but fresh. There are no such concerns with quality window shutters, which can again be kept clean and hygienic with a quick, occasional wipe.

You are already spending more time indoors, so why not make the most of a dark and dismal situation?

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