Why Plantation Shutters Are Useful In The Summer

During the winter, the UK’s unprecedented cost of living crisis prompted millions of households to reconsider how they keep their homes warm and comfortable. This resulted in a major spike in the number of households bringing window shutters into their interior spaces, a significantly more energy-efficient window covering than conventional curtains.

But what is often overlooked is the extent to which high-quality plantation shutters can be just as useful in the summer months. Bespoke window shutters have the potential to bring year-round benefits into the home, making all types of interior spaces more comfortable and pleasant places to spend time.

If you are thinking about sprucing up your home this summer but have yet to decide on a project, here are five reasons to consider installing plantation shutters:

They Help Keep You Cool

They help keep you cool

Summers are getting hotter (and hotter) in the UK, making it increasingly difficult to keep things cool and comfortable indoors. Manufactured from solid materials like hardwood, plantation shutters can play an important role in controlling interior temperatures in hot weather.

In fact, some studies have shown that precision-fitted window shutters can reduce home (and business) air conditioning costs by as much as 25%. The heat of the direct sun is prevented from entering your home, while the cool air within is retained much better than would be possible with more conventional window coverings.

They Block Out More Light

They block out more light

Premium plantation shutters can also play an important role in helping adults and kids alike sleep better during the summer. Early sunrises and late sunsets are not without their appeal, but not when you (or your kids) are trying to get a good night’s sleep.

With plantation shutters, you gain much more control over interior lighting conditions. You can adjust the louvres with pinpoint precision to allow just the right amount of light in or close them completely to achieve near-total darkness. This can be particularly useful for shift workers or families with kids who need to rest during the hours of daylight.

They Also Block Unwelcome Noise

They also block unwelcome noise

Kids playing outdoors, rambunctious barbecues, spontaneous outdoor soirees: There is quite a lot of exterior noise to contend with in the summer. This is fine if it is your own, but it can be quite unwelcome when all you want is peace and quiet indoors.

This is again where the natural properties of plantation shutters can help. Well-fitted plantation shutters manufactured from the highest quality materials can make a huge difference to the level of exterior noise that makes it into your home. From living rooms to studies to kids’ bedrooms, shutters can bring tranquilly to any room of the home.

They Are a Great Security Feature

They are a great security feature

It is an unfortunate reality, but the more time we spend out and about enjoying the good weather, the higher the risk of being targeted by opportunist criminals. This is why experts always advise stepping up home security during the summer in order to deter those looking for easy targets.

By creating a robust physical barrier between the outdoors and your home’s interior, plantation shutters can be a surprisingly effective deterrent. Quite simply, anything that makes it more difficult for criminals to enter your home will deter them, which is precisely what high-quality shutters do.

They Are Easy to Keep Hygienically Clean

They are simple to keep hygienically clean

As an added bonus, window shutters are an absolute breeze to keep hygienically clean. This can be particularly useful during the allergy season, when allergens like pollen have a tendency to flood our homes.

Unlike conventional window coverings like curtains (which can harbour allergens and bacteria), the non-porous surface of window shutters makes them much more hygienic. Not to mention, it is quick and easy to clean with an occasional wipe, helping keep allergy sufferers comfortable throughout the summer season.

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