Which Is More Stylish: Blinds, Shades, or Shutters?

At the risk of jumping straight to the conclusion, the whole issue regarding ‘style’ as far as window coverings are concerned is purely subjective. What some find quintessentially stylish, others see as quite the opposite—we all have our own unique tastes and preferences.

To say that one type of window covering is quintessentially more stylish than another would be untrue, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hence, it really is a judgement call where the whole ‘style’ aspect of window coverings is concerned.

But when it comes to the broader benefits of the different types of window coverings available, some window dressings can be more advantageous than others. Irrespective of personal tastes and preferences (with regard to aesthetics), there are some undeniable benefits to choosing certain types of window coverings.

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What makes window shutters a superior choice?

For generations, window shutters have been considered the gold standard among all window coverings. In terms of visual appeal, window shutters can be striking or sophisticated—whatever it takes to complement their surroundings.

Classic wooden window shutters have been a fantastic addition to all types of homes and business properties throughout history. They have the kind of timeless elegance that never looks out of place and can perfectly complement classical and contemporary interiors alike.

Today, window shutters are available in a limitless range of colours, designs, and finishes, with options available to suit all tastes and preferences. Away from the whole ‘style’ aspect of the debate, there are several major benefits to window shutters that go beyond those of all comparable window coverings.

Window blinds, shades, and conventional curtains have their own unique points of appeal, but window shutters are considered a superior choice for the following reasons:

  1. Total lighting control

High-quality window shutters make it easy to have total control over lighting conditions indoors. The louvres (slats) in the panels can be adjusted with pinpoint precision in order to allow just the right amount of light into your interiors. They can be fully closed to shut out exterior light for better sleep or opened fully to allow a room to bathe in natural light. This kind of precise adjustment is not possible with any other type of window covering but comes standard with window shutters.

  1. Privacy and safety

These precise louvre adjustments can also make it easier to maintain total privacy indoors. The slats can be adjusted to maximise natural light absorption and ventilation, while at the same time making it impossible for those outside to see in. In addition, high-quality window shutters create an additional barrier between indoors and outdoors. Something that could serve as an effective deterrent for would-be intruders and help keep your home safe.

  1. Unbeatable thermal efficiency

The thermal efficiency of window shutters can be as much as 50% greater than that of conventional curtains. This means that by installing window shutters, you could be looking at a noticeable difference in your energy bills indefinitely. With energy prices skyrocketing to all-time highs, this alone could be justification enough for stepping up to the highest-quality window shutters at home.

  1. Timeless appeal

Classic window shutters have the kind of sophistication and timeless appeal that are unrivalled. They can be integrated into any interior theme or décor and are guaranteed to be just as attractive and desirable over the decades to come. They could even make a major contribution to your home’s market value if and when you decide to sell your property.

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