How to Choose the Right Shutters for Every Room

The visual appeal and practicality of window shutters can enhance and improve any interior space. Even so, different rooms come with different priorities as far as window coverings are concerned. Hence, you may find that the perfect window shutters for your living room are not quite as ideal for a child’s bedroom, for example.

Considering your requirements for window shutters on a room-by-room basis is, therefore, a good idea—a process that can seem overwhelming at first but can be simplified by asking yourself a few important questions.

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Examples of these include the following:

  1. Which shutter style should I choose?

Depending on your preferences regarding privacy, lighting control, and so on, you may find some styles of shutters more suitable than others. For example, café-style shutters that cover only the bottom part of the window can be great for maximising natural light absorption while affording the space plenty of privacy. Tier-on-tier shutters combine the best of both worlds, with upper and lower panels that can be controlled and adjusted independently.

Meanwhile, full-height plantation shutters are great for achieving a streamlined and uniform look, with controls that activate the louvres simultaneously from top to bottom. There’s also the option of solid shutters, which can be particularly great for blocking out as much natural light as possible.

  1. Which material should I choose?

Bespoke window shutters are available in a wide variety of materials, each with their own unique properties. Hardwood and softwood shutters are ideal for most rooms of the home, combining exquisite looks with excellent energy efficiency. In hot and humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms, water-resistant uPVC vinyl shutters are a better option.

High-security window shutters with in-built locking mechanisms are also available, where safety and security are top priorities.

  1. What colour and design will suit my interiors?

Window shutters can be used to create almost any effect imaginable in an interior space. If preferred, shutters can be designed and finished to blend in almost invisibly with their surroundings. Elsewhere, bold and brightly coloured window shutters can create an attractive point of focus for the entire space.

This is where room-by-room shutter design can be particularly effective, as you may be looking to achieve something entirely different from one space to the next. Bright and playful shutters always look the part in kids’ bedrooms, but you may decide to go for something slightly more understated in your living room.

  1. How will my shutters be controlled or opened?

It is also a good idea to consider your preferred control mechanism for the shutters you bring into your home. Some types of shutters can be fully opened (folded back) during the day, allowing the interior space to bathe in natural light.

Elsewhere, other types of shutters are fixed permanently in place, featuring slats (louvres) that can be adjusted with a control rod. Adjustable slats can be great for taking total control over illumination, ventilation, and privacy, particularly where windows face out over busy roads or walkways.

  1. How good will my window shutters look long-term?

It is always worth bearing in mind how your window shutters will look in years to come. If you plan on redecorating your home at any point in the near future, consider how your shutters will complement your planned décor and colour scheme.

If unsure, it is typically best to go with a fairly neutral colour for your shutters, which will complement any alterations you make to the room’s theme. The same also applies if you plan on putting your home up for sale, as neutral shutters almost always contribute more to a property’s value than more elaborately coloured shutters.

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