How Plantation Shutters Could Help You Sell Your Home

Competition on the UK housing market is at an all-time high as prospective buyers scramble to secure homes at prices they can afford. Transaction times for those selling homes are as short as they’ve ever been, with demand outstripping supply by a considerable margin across the entire country.

Even so, taking all possible steps to get the best possible price for your home makes sense. Oftentimes, even the smallest repairs and renovations can add up to the biggest differences when a home is placed on the market.

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One example of this is your choice of window coverings: A simple touch can nonetheless make a real difference to your home’s curb appeal. All window dressings have their own unique points of appeal, but none can have quite the same impact on property values as plantation shutters.

Specifically, there are three things about plantation shutters that can help you sell your home and ensure you sell it for the right price:

1. Plantation shutters have universal curb appeal

Plantation shutters bring an air of elegance and sophistication to a home. They have a luxurious look and feel, they make a property stand out from those nearby, and they indicate prior occupants who cared about keeping their home as pristine as possible.

Often times, installing plantation shutters can make a property look more luxurious and expensive than it actually is. This is exactly what professional home stagers seek to achieve when presenting homes in the best possible light to prospective buyers. Irrespective of tastes and preferences, there is something uniquely appealing about the prestige of plantation shutters.

All of which could translate to a smoother sale and a better price for your home.

2. Outstanding insulating properties

The current cost-of-living crisis in the UK is largely attributed to skyrocketing energy bills. Now more than ever, prospective homebuyers are setting their sights on homes that are as energy-efficient as possible.

Plantation shutters possess the kind of natural insulating properties that exceed those of any comparable window coverings. Their thermal efficiency is superb, making it much easier to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors throughout the year.

Plantation Shutters
Living Room Plantation Shutters

Some studies have suggested that precision-fitted plantation shutters can help reduce heat loss indoors by more than 30%. This could make all the difference as energy costs continue to rise and energy efficiency becomes an even bigger priority for prospective homebuyers.

3. Unbeatable versatility and practicality

There is so much more you can do with plantation shutters than with conventional window coverings.

They can be adjusted to allow light into the room while blocking the view from outdoors or closed completely for near-total darkness indoors. They’re easy to keep clean and hygienic, and they’re a safe choice for kids’ bedrooms and nurseries.

Best of all, plantation shutters in neutral colours create the perfect blank canvas upon which to create a beautiful theme in any room. This is always important to prospective homebuyers, who like to visualise what they will do with each of the rooms of your home if they decide to place a bid.

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