How Are Window Shutters Fitted?

Here at Riverside Shutters, one of the questions we hear most often is that of how to install window shutters around the home. How to install outside window shutters, how to install plantain shutters, and generally whether the DIY approach is recommended or not

The short answer is that if you’re looking for the best possible results and long-term peace of mind, the answer is no; DIY installation isn’t recommended.

The problem with diy installation of window shutters

Unless you have extensive experience in this specific area of home improvements, we strongly advise hiring the experts. Here at Riverside Shutters, we know how to install interior window shutters and exterior shutters better than most. And we can tell you that, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t nearly as straightforward as it may initially appear.

In some instances, installing smaller and simpler shutters in a square single- or dual-panel configuration with no angles can be comparatively straightforward. But even with the simplest of installation jobs, it still takes care, attention, and expertise to ensure your shutters are flawlessly aligned. As is the case with most things, you typically won’t realise things aren’t quite right until it’s too late to make the necessary corrections.

At least, without relatively costly consequences

When it comes to more difficult installation jobs, like fitting shutters to bay windows, for example, things become infinitely more complicated. There are so many precise measurements to take into account and complications to avoid that the DIY approach is highly unlikely to lead to a satisfactory result. The more intricate or unusual the window or door in question, the more problems you are likely to run into along the way.

Warranties and guarantees

What’s also worth taking into account is the fact that when you go ahead with the manual installation of window shutters, you immediately invalidate the warranties and guarantees that accompany professional installation services. Here at Riverside Shutters, we back every installation with a comprehensive ten-year warranty, covering anything and everything that may go wrong during the first five years. If you go about the installation process manually, no such warranties or guarantees are offered.

What’s more, given the fact that comprehensive installation is included as standard in the prices we quote, there’s really nothing to gain whatsoever by taking the risk of going it alone. You won’t save any money, but you will certainly run the risk of a substandard result and deny yourself the usual ten-year warranty.

The total service package

From taking initial measurements to the production of the shutters themselves, from installation to final finishing, we take pride in offering our customers the total package. While it’s not to say that manually installing window shutters is impossible, you cannot realistically expect the same quality of results as would be delivered by a team of experienced professionals.

Once again, the prices we quote include every aspect of the installation process as standard; there are no hidden fees or charges to worry about at any time.

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