Four Creative Uses for Shutters Around the Home

With a little imagination, high-quality shutters can be used for a variety of purposes around the home. Along with looking great and serving as an elegant alternative to conventional curtains or blinds, shutters can bring a wide variety of benefits into your interiors.

As an added bonus, the timeless nature of premier plantation shutters makes them an affordable long-term investment in the quality, comfort and appeal of your home.

Here are just four of the countless creative ways shutters can be used around the home:

To Maximise Privacy in Bathrooms

First up, attractive shutters can be used to create partitions in any room of the home, or as something of an elegant privacy screen. This is something that could be particularly useful in a bathroom, where an added element of privacy may be preferable. When multiple occupants of a household share the same bathroom, a privacy screen can allow a person to shower or take a bath in complete privacy, while somebody else uses the sink.

Shutters can also be useful where the window of a bathroom does not provide the sufficient level of privacy from the outdoors.

To Create a Unique Wardrobe in the Bedroom

Another creative yet surprisingly popular application for shutters is in the design and installation of bespoke wardrobe doors. There are various different types of shutters that are compatible with this particular carpentry project, which can transform any existing wardrobe.

Likewise, made-to-measure shutters can be used to cover almost any opening around the home, effectively creating an elegant and discreet storage space in their own right.

To Create a Separate Dining Space

Open plan homes and apartments with integrated kitchens and dining rooms are extremely appealing. They have a spacious, open and modern feel that is difficult to deny. But there may also be instances where it is preferable to separate these two spaces, perhaps in order to enjoy a cosy and romantic dinner, or entertain guests.

In both instances, shutters can be used to create a beautiful partition, which can be opened and closed with ease on demand. A great way of benefiting from both separate living spaces and open plan living at the same time.

To Set Up a Home Cinema Experience

Last but not least, premium plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds make it easy to take total control of darkness indoors. Even during the brightest of days, you can create a dark and relaxing environment indoors for watching movies, playing video games or generally relaxing. None of which would usually be possible with conventional curtains or blinds, which inevitably allow a certain amount of light to creep in around the edges.

Of course, this can also be a real lifesaver for shift workers, who may otherwise find it difficult to sleep during the day while working overnight.

High-quality shutters can be used for a variety of purposes around the home.

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