Can Shutters Provide 100% Blackout?

At Riverside Shutters, we find that one of the most common priorities shared among our customers is that of excluding as much light as possible from any given room of the home. Particularly where bedrooms are concerned, the desire to create complete (or almost complete) darkness to maximise comfort is perfectly understandable.

While the vast majority of curtains and window coverings are designed to block a certain amount of light, they’re generally unable to provide anything close to 100% blackout. Opting for blinds can make a real difference, but is it possible to block 100% of the light from outside, making it into your home?

Darkness vs. absolute darkness

The short answer is no, for the simple reason that there isn’t a window treatment in existence that can guarantee 100% exclusion of light. By its very nature, light will always find a way of making it through your windows and doors, even if on a relatively rudimentary level.

That said, it’s perfectly possible to block significantly more exterior light by making the switch to shutters. Depending on the types of shutters you choose and their specifications, you’ll find their capacity to shield your interiors from external light significantly better than that of most conventional window dressings.


Best of all, quality shutters come with the added bonus of being able to be opened when desired, allowing external light to flood into your home during the daytime. You could say that shutters offer the best of both worlds: superior darkness when you need it and plenty of natural light at all other times.

In addition, opting for made-to-measure shutters means covering your windows and doors with meticulously crafted products that guarantee a flawless fit. The result is far more efficient exclusion of light than any comparable curtains.

Multi-layer window dressings

Of course, it’s worth remembering that there is always the option of ‘doubling up’ to block even more light from making it into your home. Quality window shutters can be combined with specially designed room-darkening blinds, which, as the name suggests, are installed specifically for the purpose of blocking as much exterior light as possible.

As these room-darkening blinds are also made to measure, they’re able to perfectly complement all types of interiors and fit seamlessly with your chosen shutters.

It’s perfectly possible to block significantly more exterior light by making the switch to shutters.

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