Café Shutters: Half-Size Shutters, Full-Size Benefits

The conventional approach to installing window shutters has been to cover the opening in its entirety. Doing so can bring the benefits of improved lighting control, total privacy control, and better energy efficiency for the space as a whole.

In addition, the appearance of full-height window shutters can be striking, completely transforming the visual dynamic of the entire space.

But what if you would prefer to cover just the bottom halves of your windows? If your privacy concerns relate exclusively to the lower halves of the openings, can you install shutters that leave the top half fully open?

The answer is yes, and it takes the form of café-style shutters.

Cafe Style Shutters
Cafe Shutters

What are café-Style Shutters?

Café-style shutters take their name from their popularity in cafés, bistros, restaurants, and hospitality environments in general. With café-style shutters, the aim is to boost privacy with a panel that covers the lower half of the window while still allowing unbroken natural light to penetrate through the upper half.

The great thing about café-style shutters is how the lower panel itself can also be controlled and adjusted in a variety of ways. Rather than being a fixed solid panel, it instead features a series of horizontal louvres (aka slats). These louvres can be tilted to suit the requirements of the user at the time, making it possible to take even more precise control over illumination and privacy.

Are café-style shutters a fixed size?

Traditionally, café-style shutters have been designed and manufactured to cover as close to 50% of the lower half of the window as possible. Even today, many businesses and homeowners alike opt instinctively for this ‘half-and-half’ approach to window shutter installation, which can look extremely elegant and sophisticated.

But this does not mean that an even 50/50 split is the only option available with café-style shutters. By choosing made-to-measure shutters from an established manufacturer, you can customise your shutters to suit your exact tastes and preferences.

Depending on the size and shape of the opening, you could go for café-style shutters that cover 25%, 50%, or even 75% of the opening. You can also choose from a broad range of materials: Everything from premium hardwoods to waterproof PVC and aluminium.

Combining café shutters and curtains

One of the best ways to get the most out of your café-style shutters is to pair them with corresponding curtains. Doing so creates a highly desirable layered look, where the top half of the window can be fully covered or opened as required.

This can also be a useful way to continue getting practical value from your current curtains following the installation of your new café-style shutters. If you intend to continue using your curtains in conjunction with your shutters, consider a colour, design, and style that will work well with the room’s existing theme.

Made to measure, precision fitted

The key to maximising the benefits of window shutters lies in taking an equally meticulous approach to both the manufacturing and installation processes. At Riverside, we specialise exclusively in the highest-quality window shutters on the market, all made-to-measure and installed by our elite team of fitters.

Café-style shutters can be surprisingly quick and easy to install and are compatible with most types of openings around the home. If you would like to enhance your business with café-style shutters, call Riverside anytime for an obligation-free quotation. Book your free on-site design consultation with a member of the Riverside team, during which we will help you visualise your property’s untapped potential.

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