Avoid Stuffy Summer Days with Window Shutters

Avoid Stuffy Summer Days with Window Shutters

With the warmer weather finally at our doorsteps, we’re all dreaming of long and lazy summer days at home with family and friends. That is, until we realise how stifling and stuffy the climate often becomes at the height of the summer.

Maximising light and ventilation control for classical and contemporary homes, plantation shutters can be just the thing for an enjoyable and comfortable summer. Not to mention, it is an impressive aesthetic addition to any home, boosting curb appeal and security as an added bonus.

What are plantation shutters?

Crafted from quality hardwood, plantation shutters feature louvres that can be adjusted to control illumination, visibility, air flow, and even temperature. Far from a new adornment for the modern home, there’s evidence of plantation shutters being used as far back as Ancient Greek times. For the most part, little has changed regarding the basic principles and construction of plantation shutters.

You need only look at how prolific plantation shutters are in warmer Mediterranean regions to understand their appeal. The solid construction of the shutters provides a perfect barrier to the harsh sunlight, keeping indoor spaces cool and comfortable in even the hottest conditions.

Best of all, quality plantation shutters are also great for keeping the cold at bay during the winter. The ultimate all-seasons window covering

Avoid Stuffy Summer Days with Window Shutters

Which shutters are best for sunny homes?

If you’re lucky enough to have a home that’s exposed to plenty of sunshine during the summer, material quality counts for a lot. Providing effective insulation and protection from the heat of the midday sun, traditional hardwood plantation shutters take some beating.

In terms of styling, it’s all about matching your personal preferences with your ideal plantation shutters. Go for full-height shutters, tier-on-tier shutters, or café-style shutters, if preferred. All imaginable colours and finishes are available, so you’re bound to find something to suit the unique aesthetic of your home.

For maximum convenience and versatility, it’s worth thinking about whether and to what extent the shutters can be opened and adjusted to block or allow light into the room. Some shutters can be opened and closed as single fixed units, while others can be opened to different extents across different sections as required.

Sleep soundly with quality window shutters

If all this wasn’t enough, quality plantation shutters are also just the thing for a great night’s sleep during the brightest summer days. With the sun rising earlier and setting later, it can be difficult to maintain normal sleeping patterns, especially with younger children at home.

The very best plantation shutters on the market combine the most desirable properties of shutters and blinds in an elegant all-in-one window covering. Any time of day, you can simply close your shutters to block almost all light from the outside, creating a dark, cool, and comfortable setting for a good sleep.

For maximum convenience and versatility, it’s worth thinking about whether and to what extent the shutters can be opened and adjusted to block or allow light into the room.

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