Are Shutters Compatible with UPVC Windows?

If you’re curious or concerned regarding your UPVC windows and their compatibility with quality shutters, you’re in good company. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly asked questions on the subject among UK homeowners.

The short answer is simple: UPVC windows rarely represent a challenge when installing shutters. It may not be possible to screw the fixings directly into the plastic, but this issue can be resolved in a number of ways. There are certain types of UPVC frames you can screw directly into, but there are always alternative options to explore.

Handles and locks

One of the key issues to consider when looking to install window shutters is the extent to which there are protruding handles and locking mechanisms in place. If present, you’ll need to think about having the shutters fitted in a manner that doesn’t affect the ease of access or operation of the handles. In addition, you’ll also need to factor in the space needed when opening and closing the louvres.

Rather than being fitted flush to the frames, the shutters may need to be installed a small distance away from the window or door. Nevertheless, this is typically the only real issue to address when fitting shutters to UPVC windows, which is generally easy to overcome.

The installation process usually involves first positioning a sub-frame around the window, allowing sufficient space to operate the louvres and access the handles. This sub-frame can be made using a variety of materials, in accordance with personal preferences and the requirements of the shutters or fixings.

By installing a sub-frame, you eliminate the requirement to fix the shutters directly to the UPVC windows, avoiding all associated issues in the process.

Warranty worries

We’re regularly approached by customers querying the extent to which warranties may be invalidated by modifying their UPVC shutters. If you drill or screw directly into the material, this could very well be the case. So if your UPVC windows and doors are still under warranty, it may be best to avoid tampering with them directly.

Instead, the installation of a sub-frame is highly recommended.

Irrespective of the size and design of the window or door, a bespoke sub-frame can be created to ensure a perfect fit. If you’d prefer not to go about the installation process yourself, it’s a quick and easy job for the experts.

The total upvc service package

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