Are Security Shutters Worth the Investment?

Establishing whether Security Shutters are a worthwhile investment comes down to one simple question: How seriously do you take home security?

It’s a well-documented fact that window shutters in general can make your home a less attractive target for criminals, who, for the most part, set their sights on easy targets. In the absence of window shutters, all there is to protect your interiors from intruders is a pane of glass.

Hence, the installation of any type of window shutter can help, but the security benefits of shutters go far beyond those of standard shutters.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why Security Shutters are very much worth the investment:

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They Are a Great Security Feature

The UK’s burglary rate is quite shocking
It’s a shocking statistic, to say the least, but police statistics reveal that more than 190,000 home burglaries are recorded across England and Wales annually. This is the same as more than 500 burglaries every day, or one every 164 seconds.

The problem here is that, until it occurs, most homeowners just think it won’t happen to them. By investing in Security Shutters, you stand a significantly lower likelihood of becoming another unfortunate statistic.

Burglars are opportunists
The average burglar is opportunistic by nature: an individual who sets their sights on the easiest possible target. If your home looks as if it would be relatively easy to break into, that’s exactly what they’ll do—without a second thought.

Your job, as a security-conscious homeowner, is to ensure that your property does not come across as an easy target. The installation of Security Shutters can help you achieve this, ensuring your home does not catch the eye of opportunist criminals.

A robust second layer of protection
Even if your home is targeted by a potential intruder, Security Shutters bring a robust second layer of protection to your property. Manufactured from architectural-grade aluminium and precision fitted to the window recess, Shutters create a physical barrier that is extremely difficult to penetrate.

When you bring Security Shutters into your home, you make it completely impossible for anyone to break into your home through your windows without struggling and causing considerable noise—something that is guaranteed to make your home a significantly less attractive target.

Built with security in mind
What makes the difference with Security Shutters is that, unlike standard window shutters, they are expertly crafted with home security in mind. Along with being manufactured from robust aluminium, they feature a patented Italian lock-and-key system for additional security.

Importantly, all security shutters are made-to-measure from scratch in order to ensure a close and tight fit in the window recess (or the surrounding area). The fact that home security experts strongly recommend additional measures like these speaks volumes for their capabilities in an era where home burglary rates continue to soar.

Beautifully presented, custom-made
As an added bonus, Security Shutters are a worthwhile investment for the aesthetic benefits and practical properties they bring to your home. They can be manufactured in a broad range of finishes to suit all types of décor, ensuring they perfectly complement their surroundings. In addition, the louvres can be adjusted with the same precision as those of standard plantation shutters, enabling you to take much greater control over illumination, ventilation, and privacy in your home.

An investment in Security Shutters is, therefore, an investment that goes beyond home security. It’s a cost-effective way to enhance the comfort and appeal of your interior spaces while at the same time making would-be criminals think twice about paying you an unwelcome visit.

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