Window Shutters: An Essential Energy Efficient Improvement for Winter

Across the UK, millions of households are already facing the prospect of fuel poverty. The most recent estimates suggest that if energy prices continue to skyrocket, up to 41 million homes could struggle to pay their energy bills this winter.

Consequently, households and businesses alike have spent much of 2022 looking into energy-efficient property improvements. The simple fact of the matter is that anything with the potential to reduce heat loss in winter (and therefore energy loss) stands to save you money.

Cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, and weather strips have been standard for some time. But what has become increasingly clear is how the biggest threat of all, where heat loss is concerned, is a property’s windows and doors.

This is precisely where the installation of high-quality shutters could help as a more energy-efficient alternative to conventional coverings.

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A look at u-values

The energy efficiency of any insulating material or product is indicated in the form of a U-value. This basically shows how capable (or otherwise) the measure in question is at reducing heat loss and keeping the property in question warm; the lower the U-value, the lower the loss of heat.

A study conducted by the British Blind and Shutter Association found that the average double-glazed window has a U-value in the region of 2.9. Incredibly, adding wooden window shutters to the same opening can reduce its overall U-value to 1.9. This is a 35% reduction in heat loss, simply by stepping up to window shutters.

But what is also worth bearing in mind is how window shutters can also be combined with other window coverings if you are looking to benefit from the best of both worlds. Window shutters can be fitted flush against the windows themselves, followed by conventional curtains draped in the normal way.

The benefits of wooden window shutters are even greater where single glazing is present in a property. While conventional curtains and roller blinds can reduce heat loss by around 39% or 37%, respectively, shutters can boost energy efficiency on single-glazed windows by a whopping 64%.

All of this shows that irrespective of the types of windows your property features and their configuration, you could save significant sums of money on your energy bills by upgrading to window shutters.

Which is the most energy-efficient material?

All high-quality window shutters are designed and manufactured to be as energy-efficient as possible. Anything that creates a physical barrier between your home and the outdoors is guaranteed to reduce heat loss.

Even so, research suggests that the most energy-efficient material of all for window shutters is classic timber. Hardwood and softwood shutters benefit from the naturally insulating properties of timber, which can help retain more heat than any comparable material. This is why wood has been a tried, tested, and trusted construction and property improvement material of choice for generations.

Still, this does not mean that the more budget-friendly options are not worth bringing into the home. All types of plantation shutters can have a huge impact on energy efficiency, resulting in a noticeable reduction in energy bills.

The higher wholesale fuel costs climb, the bigger the potential savings from upgrading to window shutters.

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