Why are Shutters the Big Summer Trend?

With the warm weather with us at last, it’s become clear that one interior design trend is topping all others for summer 2020: window shutters.

High-tech innovations come and go, but window shutters have been used to protect and improve homes worldwide for centuries. Window treatment upgrades are often interpreted as more of a winter consideration, but shutters really are just the thing for an enjoyable summer.

So, whether you are enhancing your interiors this summer or planning ahead for 2021, here are just a few of the reasons why shutters are the big trend of the season:

living room shutters in the summer time
Why Shutters Are The Big Trend of the Summer

1: Exquisite aesthetics

Premium plantation shutters have been a fixture in homes and businesses worldwide for hundreds of years. They have the kind of elegant, stylish, and sophisticated aesthetic that’s the epitome of timelessness. Whether adorning classical or contemporary properties of any shape and size, it’s pretty much impossible for quality shutters not to enhance the visual appeal of the entire home.

2: Temperature control

The thermal insulating properties of window shutters aren’t only of value during the colder months of the year. In the heat of the summer, window shutters add an extra layer of protection to your windows, completely blocking as much sunshine as you like. This makes it much easier to keep interior spaces cool and comfortable, particularly as the louvres can be adjusted to allow fresh air to circulate throughout.

3: Improved privacy

It’s also possible to adjust the louvres (or tiers) of window shutters in such a way as to allow natural light and fresh air in without passersby being able to see into your home. This can be particularly useful if your home is located close to public footpaths, enabling you to enjoy the bright summer days while still maintaining total privacy.

4: Enhanced Security

When you install window shutters, you establish another physical barrier between your interiors and the outdoors. In turn, shutters can serve as a surprisingly effective deterrent for would-be intruders, while at the same time preventing them from seeing into your interiors. Security shutters with sophisticated in-built locking mechanisms are particularly good for boosting home security—great for peace of mind when spending afternoons and evenings away from home in the summer.

5: Pure pacticality

Last but not least, keeping the windows open during the summer inevitably means inviting all manner of dust, dirt, and debris into your home. Not to mention potentially problematic allergens. One of the biggest points of appeal with window shutters is how easy they are to keep clean and hygienic. With nothing more than a quick wipe with a damp cloth on occasion, window shutters can be kept clean and hygienic all summer.

Made to measure window shutters

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