Why Shutters Are Ideal for a Child’s Nursery

Choosing the perfect window coverings for a child’s nursery can be tricky.  Along with selecting something that complements the space visually, other important factors need to be considered. Examples of which include durability, safety, hygiene and lighting control all making conventional curtains obsolete.

Kids Bedroom Shutters

Window shutters can be ideal for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms in general. Improving on the versatility and convenience of traditional curtains, quality shutters bring the following benefits into the home:


Shutters are designed to be fitted directly into the recess of the window itself. This means that the entire panel is kept safely out of reach of children at all times. In addition, shutters are constructed from durable materials and fixed securely to the surrounding frame. This means no risk whatsoever of the shutters falling from the window and posing a threat to the room’s occupants.

Enhanced Security

Security will always be a priority for parents, particularly where kids’ bedrooms and nurseries are concerned. Quality shutters serve as a robust physical barrier between the indoors and outdoors, this is something that represents an effective deterrent for would-be intruders helping keep your home safe.

Secure Locking Mechanisms

High-quality shutters can also be useful in preventing accidents involving falls from windows. Secure locking mechanisms and additional safety features can be built directly into the panels themselves. This makes it impossible for children to open the panels and gain access to the window, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Children's Bedroom Shutters


Daytime napping is always easier and more restful in a darker space. Precisely where window shutters can help; effectively blocking out much more natural light than conventional curtains. This can be particularly useful where a child’s bedroom or nursery faces a streetlight, or some other source of outdoor illumination. Shutters provide total control over light and darkness indoors, ideal for encouraging restful sleep.


The louvres that sit horizontally in a windows shutter can be adjusted to ensure complete privacy. Tilting the slats can make it impossible for anyone outdoors to see in, while still allowing natural light into the space; a useful feature in urban areas where kids’ bedrooms may overlook public paths or roads.


Window shutters are the easiest of all window coverings to keep clean and hygienic. All it takes is a quick wipe on occasion with a damp cloth to keep window shutters pristine. This can be particularly useful in preventing the build-up of allergens, which can affect the health and wellbeing of children.


Premium window shutters bring a touch of pure timelessness into the home. Built to last, they represent truly unbeatable value for money. Window shutters are available in a comprehensive range colours and finishes, perfectly complementing all interiors. They can also be designed to fit even the most awkward and non-standard openings around the home with flawless precision.

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