Which Window Shutter Materials Should I Choose?

Selecting the ideal window shutters for your home

One of the most important matters when selecting the ideal window shutters for your home is choosing an appropriate material. Here at Riverside Shutters, we offer an extensive range of bespoke window coverings to suit all preferences and budgets.

Window Shutters Material

From waterproof ABS to lightweight aluminium to natural hardwood, we’ll help you select the perfect shutters for your home at a price you can afford.

Popular shutter materials

We work exclusively with the highest-quality materials on the market, ensuring every shutter delivers the perfect balance of prestige and practicality.

Detailed below are several of the most popular materials we use in the design and manufacture of our bespoke window shutters. Please select a tab to read further.

Used in the manufacture of our high-end wood-stained shutters, white teak is a renowned hardwood sourced responsibly from the Solomon Islands. The unique properties of white teak give it an exceptionally smooth finish, making it a material of choice for carpenters working on premium-quality doors, frames, wardrobes, and so on. White teak is a durable, lightweight, and effortlessly elegant material for ultra-premium window shutters.

Also known as obeche, ayous is used in the manufacture of our painted window shutters. The grain is light and understated, allowing for a flawless finish to be created in almost any colour. Like white teak, ayous is famed for its lightweight and durable properties, making it the ideal choice for dozens of applications around the home.

Material choice is particularly important in areas of high humidity or where moisture could compromise the integrity of traditional wooden shutters. Suitable for kitchens, saunas, bathrooms, and utility rooms, our hard-plastic ABS (acrynlonitrile butadiene styrene) shutters combine elegant aesthetics with unrivalled durability. In fact, our waterproof shutters are so durable that they can be used outdoors in most environments.

Paulownia is a robust wood with water-resistant properties, harvested from responsible sources across Europe, Canada, North America, Russia, and Asia. Paulownia, a popular material in the manufacture of luxurious yachts and boats, is renowned for its attractive grain and for being free from knots. Our Paulownia shutters can be painted or stained in almost any colour or finish.

The strength and durability of our aluminium shutters are such that they can add an additional layer of protection to your home’s security. Aluminium is perhaps the strongest and most lightweight material used in the construction of window shutters, which incorporates hidden locks and additional security features for total peace of mind. If safety and security are top priorities for your household, we strongly suggest considering our exclusive aluminium shutter designs.

Last but not least, you could say that all composite shutters comprise the best of all worlds. Manufactured using a variety of high-quality materials, our composite shutters are affordable, easy to install, and exceptionally durable. Simple, elegant, and understated, these entry-level shutters represent a cost-effective alternative to some of the more premium lines detailed above. Our composite shutters can be designed to suit even the most awkward and unusual spaces, making them a great choice for classic and contemporary homes alike.

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