Which Are the Best Blinds or Shutters for Winter?

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, spending time outdoors becomes less of a priority. Throughout the Great British winter, the tendency is to spend most of our hours inside our homes.

Shutters for Christmas

Winter Shutters

Hence, there is no better time than right now to consider the kinds of interior improvements that can make a real difference to the comfort, warmth and appeal of our homes. For a cost-effective way to achieve all three, why not consider installing blackout blinds or shutters?

Cosy Days, Restful Nights

As the name suggests, blackout blinds and shutters are designed to block out as much exterior light as possible. They can be used independently of one another, or integrated for even greater effectiveness.

During the day, they can be opened to allow plenty of natural light into the home. When preferred, they can be closed fully to create a wonderful feeling of cosiness and seclusion indoors. The light-blocking properties of blackout blinds and shutters are significantly better than those of any conventional curtains, blinds or combinations thereof.

They can also be hugely practical and desirable in most rooms of the home, though are particularly useful in bedrooms and living rooms.


In the bedroom, blackout shutters are all about restful evenings. Blackout blinds and shutters enable the creation of a wonderfully dark, cosy and relaxing space at any time of day or night; ideal for kids’ bedrooms and nurseries, great for shift workers and a godsend for bedrooms in close proximity to streetlights.

Another benefit of blackout shutters is the way in which they can bring total privacy to your interiors. When it is dark outside but bright inside, outsiders may have a clear view into your home. Blinds and shutters can be used to maximise privacy, day or night.

Christmas Window Shutters

Christmas Window Shutters


Also worth considering is the potential for quality blackout blinds or shutters to boost a property’s energy efficiency. Any barrier you establish between the inside of your home and the outdoors is guaranteed to reduce energy loss.

This is particularly true with premium-quality window shutters, which in some instances have been found to reduce energy loss by more than 50%. Blackout blinds and shutters can help keep warmth inside your home, while keeping cold air at bay; a potential benefit with even greater relevance today, as energy prices continue to skyrocket to unprecedented highs.


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Our shutters and blinds will help you gain maximum enjoyment from your home throughout all four seasons.  Whether you are ready to go ahead or simply looking to learn more about the benefits of bespoke shutters, we are standing by to take your call.

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