The Most Popular Colour for Window Shutters

One of the biggest benefits of buying bespoke window shutters is the total freedom of choice for customisation. Your dream shutters can be configured in any shape, size, and colour imaginable in order to perfectly complement their surroundings in your home.

Of course, freedom of choice can sometimes make it difficult to know where to start. Particularly if you are planning to bring shutters into your home for the first time, choosing the right colour can seem like a daunting task.

But which are the most popular colours of all for window shutters among customers in the UK? If you are looking to keep things simple, which colours can be easily integrated into any existing décor?

Yellow Cafe Style Shutters
Blue Bay Window Shutters

A clear winner among UK customers

There are essentially two options available where shutter colours are concerned: keep things understated or go for something bold and outspoken.

Shutters can be designed and installed in a way that ensures they blend in seamlessly (almost invisibly) with their surroundings. At the opposite end of the scale, they can be designed to create a standout statement piece for the entire space.

There is no right or wrong choice, as it depends entirely on the effect you intend to achieve.

Even so, the general consensus among UK customers seems clear. According to the results of a recent poll, 99% of British households said they would choose shutters in neutral colours over those in bolder colours.

When asked to elaborate as to why, the following reasons were voiced by most of the respondents:

  1. Neutral colours are easier to integrate into an existing theme, simplifying the process of ensuring they complement their surroundings.
  2. Major room fittings and fixtures in neutral colours are great for making the space feel bigger and for maximising its brightness.
  3. Looking ahead, neutral shutters make it easier for homeowners to decorate and renovate their rooms without risking a result that clashes with their shutters.
  4. Neutral shutters are timeless in their elegance and sophistication and are therefore guaranteed to continue looking fantastic indefinitely.
  5. Research suggests that shutters in neutral colours are better for adding curb appeal to a home and potentially maximising its market value.

It is therefore easy to see why most people choose shutters in neutral colours, which are generally considered to be the ‘safer’ option. But it is not to say that shutters in bright, bold, and daring colours cannot look equally fantastic if you are looking to create a more eye-catching effect.

The Best of Both Worlds?

Of course, there is also the option of taking things a step further by choosing different colours for your shutters and the frames they sit in. This is where even the smallest differences in hue can make a real difference in the way your shutters complement their surroundings.

From living rooms to kitchens to kids’ bedrooms and nurseries, different colours have different effects on different parts of the home. So while neutral colours may be the first and most obvious choice for most households, there’s still much to be said for the brighter and bolder options available.

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