The Key Benefits of Shutters in Winter

Plantation shutters have been distinctive fixtures in home all over the world for countless generations

Recent years, in particular, have brought about a huge resurgence in the popularity of plantation shutters among homeowners and interior designers alike.

Offering an attractive alternative to traditional window dressings, plantation shutters combine form and function in equal measure. Custom window shutters are great for all rooms of the home and have the kind of durability that translates to outstanding value for money.

But what is it about plantation shutters that makes them particularly beneficial during the winter months? What can plantation shutters bring to your home that goes above and beyond the benefits of more traditional window dressings?

Improved insulation

For one thing, plantation shutters add an additional layer of insulation to the home. It’s no secret that during the winter months, the vast majority of heat that escapes the average home is lost through the windows. Anywhere between 20% and 50% of the energy we use to heat our homes goes to waste due to poor window dressings. By providing a robust physical barrier between your interiors and the outdoors, plantation shutters help preserve significantly more heat and can therefore reduce energy bills.


Not exclusive to the winter months only, plantation shutters can also significantly reduce noise pollution. If you live in an area where exterior noise is constant or excessive, high-quality plantation shutters can make a noticeable difference. If you want to maximise your enjoyment of your interiors throughout all four seasons, plantation shutters are highly recommended.

Easy to clean

During the cooler months of the year, most UK households rely on central heating to stay warm and comfortable. The problem is that with the continuous use of central heating systems come elevated levels of dust and allergens. All of which have a nasty habit of becoming embedded in curtains and other traditional window dressings. This is another reason why plantation shutters can be beneficial during the winter months. Just a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep plantation shutters clean and hygienic.

Maximum illumination

Another advantage of plantation shutters is the way in which they can be opened completely to maximise natural light within the respective space. This can be particularly useful during the winter months, when there isn’t a great deal of natural light available at the best of times. Of course, plantation shutters can also be completely closed to maximise privacy, as and when required.

Interior Enhancement

Last but not least, it’s inevitable that most people will spend significantly more time indoors during the winter months. Hence, it simply makes sense to create beautiful and enjoyable living spaces in which to relax and unwind. Not only are plantation shutters timelessly elegant, but they can also be decorated in any way you wish. From garlands to lights to the colours and patterns of your choosing, there’s endless scope for creativity.

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