Protecting Your Home with Security Shutters

Metropolitan Police

London’s Metropolitan Police may have been keen to tout a recent 3% annual decrease in burglary crimes in the capital, but the numbers still make for quite uninspiring reading.

Compared to the rest of the country, London’s crime rate is approximately 137% of that of the national average. Burglary makes up just under 5% of all crimes reported in London, equating to around 54,000 burglary offences committed over the past 12 months.

In spite of all efforts being made by local and regional lawmakers to clamp down on criminal activities, domestic burglary remains rife across London and the South East. As a result, security experts are once again calling on the public as a whole to adopt a more proactive approach to household safety and security.

The general message is that the more difficult you make it for prospective criminals to gain entry to your home, the less likely they are to attempt to do so.

Security Shutters: an additional barrier of defence

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As part of a broader home security setup, our Security Shutters can help protect the home with an additional barrier of defence. Security Shutters are designed to serve as an alternative to conventional roller shutters (and other commercial security shutters), combining the visual appeal of conventional shutters with a broad range of security features.

Security Shutters feature a secure lock and key mechanism and are manufactured from the highest quality aluminium. This makes them incredibly strong and durable, which, when combined with a locking system at the top and bottom, reinforces your home’s entry points.

Internally fitted Security Shutters have the same visual appeal as traditional plantation shutters, with the added bonus of enhanced strength and a secure locking mechanism. Available in a range of finishes, our shutters can be customised to suit the vast majority of openings, including non-standard doors and windows.

Security Shutters: Key Features

Home Security Shutters
  • Manufactured from architectural-grade aluminium
  • Crafted from scratch to suit all types of interior spaces
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes and colours
  • Total control over ventilation, illumination, and privacy
  • Patented Italian lock-and-key systems for added security
  • Robust panels add a physical layer of security to the home.
  • Available in satin white, light grey, and charcoal
  • An affordable investment in home comfort and security
  • Adjustable louvres to control light privacy and ventilation

In addition to the above, our Security Shutters also bring all of the benefits you would expect from more conventional plantation shutters.

This includes outstanding thermal efficiency throughout the year, helping keep temperatures comfortable indoors to minimise energy consumption. High-quality window shutters can be particularly useful in the winter months, reducing heat loss through windows by as much as 60%.

Plantation shutters can be great for reducing external noise in busy urban areas and for taking better control over lighting conditions indoors. They are also considered a safer choice for kids’ bedrooms than traditional blinds and rollers, which often feature cords and cables that can pose a risk to younger children.

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