Window Shutters Can Boost Your Home’s Market Value

There are various renovations that can be conducted before placing your home on the market in order to maximise its value. Kitchen refits, bathroom renovations, loft conversions, and landscape gardening are all capable of contributing huge sums of money to a property’s asking price.

But if you would prefer a simpler and more cost-effective way to boost your home’s value, why not consider installing window shutters?

Time and time again, plantation shutters have demonstrated their capability to make generous contributions to property values. Window shutters, a simple yet highly effective home improvement, have the kind of universal appeal that extends to most prospective homebuyers.


Here’s why:

  1. Window shutters are the essence of timelessness
    Premium plantation shutters are the exact opposite of a passing fad. They have been around for generations and are every bit as desirable today as they were a century ago. When browsing the property market, the vast majority of potential buyers prefer timeless design to temporary fads. All of which translates to real curb appeal for your home and a better asking price for your property.
  2. Window shutters provide additional insulation
    Energy efficiency is becoming a top priority for homebuyers up and down the UK. In response to both skyrocketing energy prices and the need to safeguard the environment, more homebuyers than ever before are taking energy efficiency very seriously. Compared to conventional window coverings, high-quality window shutters have the potential to boost energy efficiency by more than 30%.
  3. Window shutters give extra privacy
    Homes in busy urban areas are often plagued by privacy issues. Curtains and blinds can help, but they are less than ideal where windows face directly out onto public pavements and roads. Shutters provide a much more effective solution, which can be adjusted in such a way as to allow light in while completely obscuring the view from outdoors. The privacy afforded by shutters also makes them ideal for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms.
Tier on Tier Shutters Living Room

4. Window shutters enhance home security
Establishing a physical barrier between your home and the outdoors naturally creates an additional deterrent for would-be intruders. Window shutters therefore enhance home security on a level that goes far beyond the capabilities of conventional window coverings. In addition, the fact that window shutters can make it impossible for anyone outdoors to see into your home serves as a further deterrent for opportunist burglars.

5. Window shutters are built to last
Not only are premium plantation shutters timeless, but they are also engineered to stand the test of time. Most curtains, blinds, nets, and curtains have a fairly limited lifespan and need to be replaced on occasion. With little to no maintenance required, high-end plantation shutters can continue serving their purpose indefinitely. This is the kind of thing that always appeals to potential homebuyers, who are often looking for cost-effectiveness in the homes they visit.

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