Are Window Shutters Suitable for Secondary Glazing?

Here at Riverside, we often encounter the same question from customers across the region:

Are window shutters suitable for secondary glazing?

As is usually the case, the answer varies significantly from one property to the next. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible that the secondary glazing in your home will be compatible with our bespoke shutter designs.

What is secondary glazing

Secondary glazing is effectively a rudimentary form of double glazing. In some buildings, historic properties, and listed buildings, for example, it may be difficult or even illegal to replace or modify the original windows. In which case, switching the traditional panels to contemporary double glazing simply isn’t an option.

As an alternative, a separate, closely-fitted glass panel may be attached to the frame or its surroundings. The addition of this secondary glazing, to some extent, mimics the benefits of double glazing without the need to modify the original frames or glass panels. In order to enhance the insulating properties of secondary glazing and create an impressive visual aesthetic, interior shutters may then be installed to finish the window.

Can secondary glazing be fitted with shutters?

The short answer is relatively simple. If there is somewhere for the shutters to be mounted, then yes, they can be fitted to secondary glazing. The issue is in no way related to the glass panels themselves, but rather to the surrounding structure.

This is why we strongly suggest organising an obligation-free design consultation with one of our experts. In some instances, it may be possible to assess the suitability of a window by simply sending a photograph. In others, it’s better to arrange a free design visit so we can assess your requirements in more detail.

The importance of bespoke design

Shutters can be beneficial for historic properties in a variety of ways. During the winter months, shutters can reduce energy consumption by reducing heat loss through doors and windows. They can also contribute to the safety and security of a property, along with its comfort and curb appeal.

Particularly when compared to traditional window dressings, shutters really can make a huge difference to almost any property.

It’s traditionally been a tricky process, given how period properties and historic homes tend to be unique. Off-the-shelf shutters simply aren’t an option. You need bespoke shutters designed exclusively for your home.

Here at Riverside, we specialise exclusively in 100% bespoke shutters for classic and contemporary homes alike. We can advise you on the various options available and help you find the perfect solution for your property. All of our shutters are designed and manufactured from scratch, using the highest quality materials on the market.

If you’re interested in enhancing your interiors with bespoke shutters, we’re standing by to take your call. Contact a member of the team at Riverside Shutters anytime to book your obligation-free consultation with a member of the team.

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