Portchester Security Shutters

Discover a new standard in stylish security for your home, with our exclusive Portchester Shutters collection. The perfect combination of style and security, delivering the total package of elegance, convenience and priceless peace of mind.

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Poise and Protection in Perfect Harmony

Our exclusive Portchester Shutters have been designed to mirror the elegance and beauty of our traditional plantation shutters. The difference is that with Portchester Shutters, your home is protected by the highest-quality aluminium and a robust lock-and-key mechanism.

Portchester Shutters
Portchester Shutters

This allows our Portchester Shutters to provide an additional layer of security for your home, without resorting to roller shutters, security grilles or window bars. Operating just like our traditional shutters, Portchester Shutters bring a touch of sophistication to any room of the home.

Security with style

Manufactured from architectural-grade aluminium, our Portchester Shutters are durable, robust and exceptionally elegant. Key features and benefits of our latest collection include:

  • A stylish and functional window treatment that serves multiple purposes
  • Tailored to suit all interiors and preferences
  • Patented Italian locks with a double key turn
  • The perfect combination of aesthetics and enhanced security
  • Total control over ventilation, illumination and privacy
  • Every shutter is custom made for a perfect fit
  • Meticulous attention to detail and premium quality materials
  • Enhance the comfort and appeal of your home at an affordable price

For more information on our Portchester Shutters or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the Riverside Shutters team today on 020 3126 4984.

Ingenious Design, Immaculate Presentation

The inclusion of patented Italian locks with a double key turn enables our Portchester Shutters to be secured in place at both the top and bottom of the window or door. Each unit features a hidden tilt rod, which allows the louvres to be controlled by hand, rather than with the usual rod. This creates a sleek, streamlined and minimalist aesthetic, while maximising convenience for the user.

Thanks to their ingenious design, the louvres of our Portchester Shutters can still be operated when the shutters are locked. Open and close your windows anytime, while still benefiting from the additional security our Portchester Shutters bring your home.

Use Indoors or Outdoors

Manufactured from corrosion-resistant, hard-wearing materials of the highest quality, Portchester Shutters are perfect for all indoor and outdoor applications alike. Increase the kerb appeal of your home, while taking control of illumination, interior temperatures and privacy.

As always, our Portchester Shutters are custom manufactured can be tailored to suit the existing décor of any property. From classic country cottages to cosmopolitan apartments, we’ll create your dream window dressings in accordance with your exact requirements. We can also provide complete measuring and installation services, backed by our exclusive aftercare service as standard.

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