Why Do Energy-Efficient Window Treatments Matter?

With energy prices set to continue skyrocketing for some time to come, the importance of energy efficiency at home has never been greater. Households across the country are going to extremes to minimise their energy consumption as the threat of fuel poverty looms ahead of the winter.

But what is often overlooked is the extent to which window treatments can contribute to a home’s energy efficiency. Research has shown how the vast majority of heat loss that takes place in the average home occurs through its windows. Hence, it stands to reason that by upgrading to more energy-efficient window shutters, you could make significant savings on your home’s energy bills.

The question is: exactly how energy-efficient can window shutters be compared to conventional window coverings?

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Saving energy and money with window shutters

You need to stand next to an uncovered window on a cool morning or evening to feel just how much cold is creeping into your home. Even if the windows provide a fairly good seal, the glass itself will always be an issue where energy efficiency is concerned.

This is where the installation of window shutters can make a real difference. Quite simply, any physical barrier you place between yourself and the outdoors can only contribute to the cause.

Conventional curtains, blinds, and drapes can help, but evidence suggests that there is no more energy-efficient type of window treatment than high-quality shutters.

One recent study into the benefits of several different types of window coverings found curtains to be the least energy-efficient option of all. Specifically, the study (conducted by a team from Glasgow Caledonian University) linked the following reductions in heat loss with four common types of window coverings:

  • Victorian roller blinds: an approximate 28% reduction in heat loss
  • Standard roller blinds: an approximate 22% reduction in heat loss
  • Conventional curtains: an approximate 14% reduction in heat loss
  • Window shutters: an approximate 51% reduction in heat loss

By a considerable margin, window shutters were found to be the most energy-efficient of all window dressings. Capable of reducing heat loss by as much as 51%, this could amount to significant savings on monthly and annual energy bills.

Particularly if stepping up from conventional curtains, upgrading to window shutters can make a dramatic improvement to energy efficiency at home.

Further benefits of plantation shutters

This is just one of several studies that have highlighted the energy-efficient properties of window shutters. Along with saving money on household energy bills, upgrading to high-end window shutters can also bring a long list of additional benefits.

Examples of which include the following:

  • More precise control over interior lighting, blocking out external lights when necessary, and allowing natural light to penetrate when preferred.
  • A significant improvement to overall home security is placing a robust physical barrier between the indoors and the outdoors.
  • Reduced noise pollution in busy urban areas, providing a much quieter and more relaxing ambience indoors.
  • clean, hygienic, and zero-maintenance alternatives to conventional curtains, which can bring welcome relief to allergy sufferers.
  • High durability and a potentially indefinite lifespan add up to a highly cost-effective home improvement.
  • Limitless styles and designs to suit all interiors, making a major contribution to overall property values.

Bespoke shutters can therefore be just the thing for boosting energy efficiency at home, but this is just one of the many advantages of upgrading to window shutters.

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