Six Reasons to Bring Plantation Shutters Into Your Home

All window coverings have their own unique points of appeal. From visual presentation to cost-effectiveness to ease-of-installation, we all have our preferences and priorities.

Even so, there are at least six ways in which plantation shutters consistently outpace most comparable window coverings.

Aqua Plantation Shutter
Memphis Plantation Shutter

1. They Maximise Privacy
Plantation shutters can be great for maximising privacy in homes in busy urban areas. The louvres in the panels can be adjusted in such a way to allow your interiors to bathe in natural light, while making it impossible for outsiders to see into your home. This can be particularly useful in kids’ bedrooms, or where downstairs rooms face directly out onto pavements and roads.

2. They Give More Light Control
Speaking of which, adjusting the louvres can also provide much more precise control over lighting levels indoors. If preferred, the louvres can be fully opened to allow as much natural light into the space as possible. At other times, they can be closed firmly to create near-total darkness indoors. Again, this can be particularly useful in kids’ bedrooms and nurseries, assisting restful sleep during hours of daylight.

3. They Are Uniquely Versatile
Bespoke plantation shutters can be crafted to fit almost any opening around the home. This includes all types of non-standard windows, where it may be otherwise impossible to fit more conventional coverings. The beauty of bespoke design lies in its versatility – your custom shutters can be precision-made from scratch to suit your exact requirements.

Halifax Range Plantation Shutters

4. They Enhance Temperature Control
During the colder months of the year, plantation shutters can make it much easier to keep things warm and comfortable indoors. This is due to their natural thermal insulating properties, creating a barrier between indoor warmth and the cold outside. In summer, the same is also true in reverse – plantation shutters can keep excessively warm air at bay to maintain cooler temperatures indoors. Throughout the whole year, high-quality plantation shutters can make temperature control much easier around the home.

5. They Improve Home Security
Robust window shutters benefit home security in two ways. Firstly, they can render it impossible for potential intruders to see in, serving as an effective deterrent. Secondly, any physical obstacle you place between your home and would-be burglars only stands to discourage them even further. This is particularly true with high-security window shutters, which feature in-built locking mechanisms to make penetration even more difficult.

6. They Are Easy to Clean and Keep Hygienic
Premium plantation shutters are so much easier to keep clean and hygienic than many comparable types of window coverings. All it takes is an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust, allergens and accumulated dirt. This makes shutters particularly useful for homes with pets and allergy sufferers, where conventional curtains can quickly become hazardous. There are even ABS plastic shutters available for high-humidity areas of the home, which are just as easy to keep clean and hygienic.