Shutters: More Versatile Than You Might Think

Mention shutters to most people, and they’ll immediately think of the traditional wooden coverings used to both decorate and protect windows around the home. From the classic external shutters that adorn millions of Mediterranean properties to the latest internal shutters for classical and contemporary homes, they’re most commonly associated with windows.

But this doesn’t mean that high-quality shutters can’t be used for a variety of additional purposes around the home. They look great and perform a variety of useful functions when fitted to windows, but they can also be installed elsewhere to equal effect.

Bespoke shutters can be way more versatile than you might think. Here’s how:

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Patio doors

The beauty of patio doors is the way in which they blur the barrier between indoors and outdoors. When the weather is at its best, patio doors allow fresh air and natural light to flood into the home. In cooler conditions, they provide an effective shield from the cold air outdoors and keep interior spaces insulated.

Adjustable louvres allow for meticulous control of light and ventilation, while the material itself brings an added layer of insulation into the home. They can also be a surprisingly effective security feature, boosting the safety of your property in general.

Wardrobe doors

Looking for an inspiring way to spruce up your bedroom? Why not consider solid-panel shutters as an attractive alternative to conventional wardrobe doors?

This is more an aesthetic adjustment than a functional improvement, though it can make a real difference to the ambiance of the entire room. Bespoke shutters can be manufactured in any shape, size, colour, design, and specification imaginable, allowing you to visualise the perfect fit for your bedroom.

Room dividers

Wooden shutters can also serve as functional and aesthetically stunning room dividers. The beauty of shutters as room dividers is that they can be adjusted easily in accordance with your requirements. Fold out the divider, separating the space when needed, before folding it away neatly again to open up the room in its entirety. Ideal for homes and commercial use alike.

Again, it’s worth remembering that shutters for use as room dividers can be designed and manufactured in any shape, size, configuration, and finishing imaginable. The only limitation is your own imagination, so you’re free to be as creative and innovative as you like!

Bespoke Carpentry

Our bespoke shutter design and carpentry service allows for the creation of 100% unique shutters for each client.

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