Shutter Showdown: Vinyl or Wood?

Plantation shutters add an air of elegant craftsmanship to any room. At the same time, they’re extremely versatile and provide an affordable solution for homeowners. The tough part is choosing a material for these shutters. People want something that will match their current design and fit into their budget. On the same token, they don’t want a material that requires tons of upkeep. This guide narrows down the options to guide people in the right direction.

Wooden ShuttersVinyl Shutters
Cost10-40% more than VinylLeast expensive
ColoursWide variety of stains and coloursLimited neutral colours - can't stain or paint
CareWood friendly productsMild soap and water
Moisture resistanceNoYes
StrengthStronger then vinyl - best for larger windowsNot a strong as wood- better for smaller windows

Vinyl shutters: a beautiful, budget-friendly option

Choosing vinyl can be a smart move for many homeowners. First of all, these shutters won’t break the bank. They’re versatile and have some serious staying power. Clients don’t need to worry about upkeep or replacing them after a few years. They won’t peel or crack, and they hold up well in different environments. When it comes to cleaning, there’s no funny business. A simple swipe with a duster should do the trick. This can be a great choice for those who lead busy lives but still want their room to spark with life and personality.

On the downside, the cost-effectiveness and versatility of these shutters make them super common. Homeowners won’t be doing anything unique if they purchase these shutters, and they might discover that their neighbours have the exact same ones. If standing out in the crowd is important, then this might not be the ideal option.

Wood shutters: exquisite elegance and smart design

For an option that will add a stunning focal point to any room, wood shutters are the way to go. This material adds earthy texture to any design and fits in well with all kinds of aesthetics. Whether a home is contemporary, farmhouse, or minimalist, wood shutters can make a positive impact. Moreover, these are easy to clean, and they last for years. The intelligent design of these shutters makes them ideal for people who want to increase privacy in their home while maintaining a cool aesthetic. This material also does a fantastic job of shutting out the sunlight.

Such a gorgeous material is expensive. Homeowners should expect to pay a pretty penny for wood shutters. If this option fits in their budget, it will be a great investment and could even improve their home’s market value. On the other hand, wood comes with its own set of challenges. For example, too much moisture could end up warping them, and regular coats of varnish will be necessary over the years.


Clearly, this is a decision that requires some time and careful thought. Some key things to consider are cost, home environment (humidity, lifestyle), and durability. In terms of cost, vinyl is the clear winner. They’ll also do a better job in humid climates. As far as design and quality are concerned, wood comes out on top. It has a look that vinyl can’t match, and it does a great job of warming up a room. To make the best choice, homeowners should consider visiting a shutters and blinds provider. There, they’ll be able to see vinyl and wood options in person, and this may help them make a more informed decision.

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