Shutter Designs Decisions: What’s Right for Your Room?

Increasingly, homeowners are setting their sights on the past when making long-term property improvements. Trends come and go, but there are certain timeless features and fixtures that never fail to look exquisite.

Plantation shutters illustrate the point perfectly. They have been around for generations and yet continue to improve the comfort, appeal, and value of all types of homes. Universal in their desirability and versatility, plantation shutters are available in an endless range of designs to suit classical and contemporary interiors alike.

Choosing the right colour and configuration

choosing shutter styles to suit your room

Bespoke plantation shutters can be designed to flawlessly fit all kinds of openings and the spaces around them. There are various options to choose from in terms of how the louvres open, the way the panels stack when the shutters are moved, and the method of operation.

Sleek and smooth with defined lines and angles, high-end plantation shutters are known for creating an illusion of space and openness. Even when installed in a relatively small room, they become a statement piece in their own right that accentuates the surrounding space.

This is something that can be intensified further by choosing an appropriate colour and finish. Depending on the colour palette used in the surrounding space, plantation shutters can be made to stand out boldly or blend seamlessly into the background.

Choose a bright, bold, and contrasting colour to create an eye-catching focal point, or choose shutters in the same colour as their surroundings. There is even the option of combining shutters of two or more colours to create a 100% unique aesthetic addition to the room.

Materials and practical aspects

Today’s premium-quality plantation shutters are manufactured from a wide range of materials and material combinations. A few examples include aluminium, timber, and high-strength composite materials, all with their own unique advantages and points of appeal.

Choosing the right material means carefully considering your priorities: are you primarily interested in lightweight shutters at an affordable price, or are you mainly concerned with security and energy efficiency?

Plantation shutters can also be manufactured to incorporate countless additional security features, such as in-built locking mechanisms. Even when used to cover a major opening like a large patio door, plantation shutters can significantly improve home security.

The extent to which the louvres and panels can be moved and manipulated should also be considered. Versatile shutters can be used to bathe interiors in natural light during the day, provide total privacy at night, and ensure optimum circulation of fresh air throughout the warmer months of the year.

They can also make it much easier to keep your interiors warm and comfortable in winter, reducing energy consumption and saving you money long-term.

Bespoke plantation shutters can be designed to flawlessly fit all kinds of openings and the spaces around them.

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