Quality Shutters Can Reduce Heating Costs by 15%

As fuel bills continue to skyrocket across the UK, more households than ever before are pursuing energy efficiency. Within the next year, energy costs are expected to increase by at least another 30% for the average home.

Quality Shutters Can Reduce Heating Costs

Consequently, the overwhelming majority of households are worried about the affordability of heating their homes.

While there is nothing the average person can do to lower the price of gas or electricity, bringing down energy bills is perfectly possible. The most effective option is to focus on reducing heat loss, particularly the heat that escapes through windows and doors.

Remarkably, up to 30% of all lost heat exits the home this way. Which in turn suggests that better insulate your windows and doors could add up to real savings.

Do shakers keep heat in?

The short answer is yes; shutters are far more effective at retaining heat than conventional curtains or blinds. According to the results of a recent study conducted by Historic England, precision-fitted shutters can reduce heat loss through windows in some properties by almost 60%.

When combined with secondary glazing, the same shutters could improve heat retention by as much as 75%.

When you install premium window shutters in your home, you set up a physical barrier between your interiors and the outdoors. A barrier that helps retain heat and repel cold air, keeping your interiors warm and cosy.

Winter Shutters

Which shutters are the most effective at keeping heat in?

The energy efficiency of this physical barrier will, of course, be determined by the materials it is constructed of. Studies conducted on energy efficiency have shown that the most energy-efficient material of all is solid wood. Metallic shutters and UPVC shutters can also significantly boost energy efficiency, but not quite on the same level as their wooden counterparts.

What matters most is the precision with which the shutters are installed. For maximum energy efficiency, shutters need to be installed in a way that leaves as few gaps and imperfections as possible. If you are planning to bring shutters into your home for enhanced energy efficiency, professional installation is essential.

The costs are really a small price to pay when considering how much you stand to save over the long term. Assuming the average home loses 30% of its heat through its windows, this will amount to more than £100 in wasted energy costs each year. By reducing this heat loss by 50% or more, you stand to save a minimum of £50 each year, significantly more as energy costs continue to rise.

An investment in window shutters represents a long-term investment in the energy efficiency of your home. Not to mention the comfort and enjoyment you get out of your interiors.

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Within the next year, energy costs are expected to increase by at least another 30% for the average home.

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