Improvements Your Home Needs Before Winter Comes

Some home improvements are best accomplished when the weather is still a little warm. By tackling these seven items on your to-do list, you can make sure that you are prepared for colder weather.

  1. Install window shutters.
    There are a number of reasons why you should consider window shutters for your home. Not only do they look great and ensure that you have the privacy that you crave, but they will also prevent heat loss during cold months. You can rely on them to provide extra insulation along your windows, which is where you will generally lose a lot of heat, which can cause you to have more expensive monthly electric bills. Rather than attempting this job on your own, hiring a professional ensures that your new window shutters are as attractive as they are functional and that you will enjoy all the benefits that they have to offer, including being able to control the light entering your home and blocking outside noises.
  2. Give your front door a facelift.
    A fresh coat of paint on your front door is a great way to ensure that it looks clean and inviting. Your door will have to be open while the paint dries, which is why you want to tackle this task before it gets too cold out. Make sure that you paint your door on a dry day so the paint dries evenly, and choose a colour that will make your door pop.
  3. Update your paint.
    You do not want to try painting your home’s exterior during the winter. By painting your exterior, you can enjoy improved curb appeal, but this is a job best completed during the warmer months. Use high-quality paint that will help protect your home against frosty, damp, and snowy weather for the best results.
  4. Check your gut
    Your gutters are going to be working overtime, catching leaves all fall long. Make sure that you keep moss, leaves, and twigs from building up, as they can create blockages that cause leaks. Clean gutters will help keep water from damaging your home.
  5. Install draft excluders.
    Draught excluders along your letterbox, as well as on the bottom of all of your exterior doors, will do a great job helping to decrease drafts in your home and prevent heat loss. This is a very simple DIY project that can be completed in an afternoon, even if you are not comfortable doing work around your own home.
  6. Book Central Heating Maintenance
    If your radiators and boilers aren’t working properly, then you are in for a long and cold winter. Have an expert perform your gas inspection, check your radiator, and bleed any that aren’t working correctly. By booking your appointment before the weather really gets cold, you can avoid the winter rush.
  7. Take care of your gas pipes.
    Make sure that your gas pipes are all correctly encased with insulation. This will prevent them from being damaged by frost. If your pipes are left uncovered, they can leak, freeze, and crack, which is expensive to repair and can be dangerous.


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