How Much Light Do Shutters Block Out?

How do shutters block light?

The short answer is that it depends entirely on which types of plantation shutters you install in your home. Realistically, you cannot expect any type of shutter to completely block every trace of external light single-handedly. Irrespective of the quality of the shutters and the accuracy of the fitting process, there may always be traces of light that find their way in.

Nevertheless, you can achieve near-flawless elimination of external light by combining shutters with other types of window treatments.

Are shutters better at blocking light than curtains and blinds?

Shutters block out light when paired with blinds, but it depends entirely on which types of blinds you go for. As a general rule of thumb, however, shutters have the potential to block external light significantly more effectively and efficiently than standard curtains and blinds. Particularly when compared to roller blinds or Roman blinds, your shutters will always block significantly more light.

Even if you buy specialist blackout blinds or fabric window dressings designed to block light, you’ll almost always see traces of light making their way into your rooms.

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Blocking light with plantation shutters

On one hand, you could argue that, by the very nature of their design, plantation shutters will also inherently allow light into the room. The gaps between the louvres and any space between the window frame and the panel may allow exterior light to enter the space.

However, given the fact that plantation shutters are made out of solid materials, they can block the vast majority of light with significantly greater efficiency than other window dressings. Even if cracks of light are visible between the louvres, the overall blackout is almost always noticeably better.

An additional benefit of shutters is that they are compatible with windows and doors of unusual shapes, where it may otherwise be difficult or impossible to use more conventional window dressings.

Combining window coverings

Of course, if you really want to ensure that every trace of light is effectively blocked from your interiors, you could always consider combining one or more window coverings. For example, you could install blackout blinds behind your shutters, install shutters with integrated blackout blinds, position curtains in front of your shutters, and so on.

Nevertheless, you’ll probably find that if the shutters you choose for your home are manufactured and installed to the highest quality standards, the light penetration will be so impressive you won’t need to double-up your efforts with anything else.

If you really want to ensure that every trace of light is effectively blocked from your interiors, you could always consider blackout blinds.

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